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Day: December 17, 2012

THE WEEK OF NOTHING SERIOUS: The Mystery of Giles’s Apartment

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This weekend, I uncovered what might be the greatest mystery of all time:

What I figured was, someone, probably several someones, would answer my tweet and I would get my answer and that would be the end of it. And at first, that looked like the case:
“Okay, that’s what I thought,” I says to myself, I says. But then:

“Well, now I don’t know what to believe,” I think to myself, because I watched “A New Man,” the episode where Giles turns into a demon (I’m a Buffy/Giles shipper and that one is full of “proof,” okay?) and not only does Demon!Giles trash his apartment, but that’s the “new apartment” I had been thinking of in the first place.
Things started getting weirder when people started remembering different times that Giles got a new apartment:

As you can see by the time stamps, this discussion has gone on for days now.
Still, a lot of people insisted that Giles never got a new apartment:

So, how did some of us come to the conclusion that he moved? Especially when many of us are all so certain?
Here’s a shot of the apartment during season two, from the episode “Passion”: 
Not pictured: Me, making out with Giles on that uncomfortable looking couch.

And here’s a picture of it from the season 4 episode, “Pangs”:
Pictured: Way too much pointless brooding.

If you look past depressionsweatpants!Giles and sad!Angel (also known colloquially as just, you know, Angel), you can see it’s the same damn apartment.
But I swear, I swear on my soul, that at some point, in some line of dialogue, someone mentions Giles’s new apartment. Clearly, the only way I’m going to be satisfied is if I watch every single episode and get to the bottom of this.
While I’m doing that (and sewing until my fingers fall off, because YAY CHRISTMAS!), please to be enjoying the following, which is my favorite Buffy/Giles fic of all time. It’s rated G, so don’t worry about clicking on it and getting a landslide of smut or anything: 24, by Jacqui. Feel free to share any recs you might have, I know other B/Gers are out there. And don’t forget to swing by yesterday’s post for tons of cute animal links in the comments.
When I have our answer to this mystery, oh, you best expect I’ll be updating this post.