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Day: December 19, 2012

THE WEEK OF NOTHING SERIOUS: Geek mothers result in geek children

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Geek is a genetically inherited trait. My husband has the recessed gene, and I’m chock full of geeky goodness, so our son is super, extra geeky. He can also obsess like nobody’s business, due to autism.  Unfortunately, his obsessions usually lead me off the beaten path when it comes to Christmas time, because although he grasps the fact that they don’t generally make toys for video games only adults play, it still bums him out.

For Christmas this year, he’ll be getting a mini Portal Gun, a Potatos “science” kit, and a mini battery operated turret, all from But I wanted to give both the kids a handmade doll they could treasure for ever and ever. These two ideas fused and merged, and now I present to you Chell, heroine of Portal:

Sorry the picture is sideways. No, I’m not. I still have a weighted companion cube storage box I need to paint today. YOLO.
Check out her Aperture Science approved knee replacements, made out of paint and wire:

I would never put that on a doll for an older kid, but since this is for a ten-year-old who will more keep it than play with it, I think we’re safe.

Now I’m off to finish sewing a similar doll and a mermaid tail to go on it. Tune into twitter tonight, 8:30pm EST, to tweet at us while D-Rock and I are filming our end of the world/year end Roadhouse episode. Hit us up with the hashtag #YOAO. Because You Only Apocalypse Once.