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Day: February 4, 2013

Best. Weekend. Ever.

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Who has two thumbs and had the best weekend ever?

That’s right. I did. Oh, what was that? Your daughter had a baby? You found out your Leukemia is in remission? I STILL HAD AN AWESOMER WEEKEND THAN YOU.

Okay. Maybe not. I’m sorry I was aggressively competitive back there. Congrats on the baby and the cancer.


I did have a really big weekend.

First of all, can we all discuss Destiny’s Child for a second?

Are you fucking kidding me? Besides the fact that many of my tweeps were convinced only Bey’s mic was on (“Kelly, can you handle this? Michelle, can you handle this? I don’t think you can handle this. So we’re cutting your mics.”), OMFGWTFBBQ?! For real? Destiny’s Child, on stage, looking fanfuckingtastic, singing the classics, they even did the Charlie’s Angels thing at the end, like they were on purpose reminding us that their song will forever outlive and out shine the movie it was written for. Are you serious right now? How can the rest of 2013 deliver anything at this point? As far as I’m concerned, it blew its load right there, beginning of February. We’re all in a giant refractory period until 2014, at which point Beyonce will probably be the first diva in space or something.

Okay, this post isn’t chronologically correct, but if you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that on Friday I was all, “I have big news, but I don’t know if I can tell you or not!” And I’m sure you were like, “Yeah, whatever Jen. I bet you have real big news.” Well. I. Do. So. Nyah.

Early last year I was approached by Nick Harris of The Story Foundation about developing an idea he’d had for a Shakespearean-themed YA. The way my agent pitched it to me was, “It’s sort of like… Hamlet meets Ghostbusters.” And I was like, “I’m so in.”

Over the next few months and numerous phone calls and emails, Nick and I hammered out the details of the story, in which Hamlet, a paranoid recluse/ghost whisperer, meets Romeo, a young man of Verona who has recently botched a suicide attempt. Romeo is travelling the world on the advice of a soothsayer, trying to find someone who can help him restore the life of his tragically lost love, Juliet. Together, Hamlet and Romeo buddy cop their way through the afterlife looking for Juliet, while Hamlet is, you know. Trying to revenge his father’s murther. They run afoul of giants, trolls, valkyrie, serpents and grueling psychological traps on the way.

Well, I’m so happy to announce that this project. This amazing, quirky, unique project that I am SO pleased to have been asked to be a part of, has found a home. Entangled publishing has picked up Such Sweet Sorrow for their phenomenally successful Entangled Teen line.

I am over the moon about this. While I’m sure Shakespeare purists out there are sharpening pitchforks and lighting torches, let me express to you how big a Shakespeare geek I am, and how much care and love has been poured into developing this project. It’s going to be truly epic, and I can’t wait until you all can read it!