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Day: August 15, 2013

The Girlfriend is available to pre-order!

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The Girlfriend


Hell, Troutnation! You’re not having deja vu, this is the same post as yesterday! I just wanted to add stuff to it, and I didn’t want anyone to miss it.

You can now pre-order the digital version of The Girlfriend on Smashwords. Since I announced that on twitter last night, I’ve had a slew of questions about whether or not it will be available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. It will definitely be available on Amazon, but I don’t have the option of a pre-order on Amazon. So, you’ll be able to buy it via your Kindle on August 20th. It will be offered on Barnes & Noble, Sony, iTunes, etc. through Smashwords, but I’m not sure what date those third-party retailers will have it available.

Oh, hey… did I mention that there are like SIXTY PAGES OF PREVIEW AVAILABLE AT THE SMASHWORDS LINK? The sample is downloadable. You get about three chapters. THREE CHAPTERS, Y’ALL.

If you were planning to order The Girlfriend as a paperback, now is the time! I opened orders for the paperback version a little early, so readers who wanted it could get it as close to the release of the ebook as possible. No, you probably wouldn’t be able to order this and get it before the 20th. I tested, to make sure. I mean, unless you wanted to pay like, eighty dollars worth of shipping, which would be insane, so don’t do that. Just send me the eighty bucks instead and go sit in a corner and think about your financial priorities.

So, if you’re itching to order your copy, you can do so here.