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Day: December 16, 2014

Motivational Doctors

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This week I’m struggling with extremely bad pain. I mention it every now and then, but it bears repeating: Fibromyalgia is a ton of ass (In fact, one author is facing homelessness this Christmas due, in part, to this syndrome, so if you’ve got some spare cheddar laying around, here’s a donation campaign for her). I’ve recently been experiencing this awesome burst of productivity, something I always struggle with, only to end up with pain that’s preventing me from any sort of long-term concentration. It’s times like these that get me down, which is why I have things like this in my office:


Last night, I decided I needed another motivational Doctor on my wall, so I whipped this up in Gimp:
motivational doctor

I printed it out and stuck it to my wall, then shared it with Bronwyn Green, who said, “That’s a good idea. I could use a motivational 10, myself.” Since these take like, absolutely no effort to make, I got into Gimp again and made her one. And she said, “Thanks, that actually helps!” and I thought, you know what? I bet there are citizens in Trout Nation right now who could use a boost from The Doctor. So if you’re out there having mental health issues, or chronic pain issues, or you just need to hear someone tell you something kind or remind you to be kind to yourself, here are some motivational Doctors. If you don’t see your Doctor here yet, don’t worry. I’ve got others I’m working on and will post later.

motivational 4 motivational 10 motivational 12 motivational one

I think if you click these, they take you to larger versions you can save, just in case you’re a print-and-bulletin-board kinda person like myself.

At this point, regular features are generally on hold until this bad spell passes. Right now I’m just concentrating on getting through the day, but who knows, I might get a solid hour or two where I’m like, “Yeah, let’s do some Apolonia!” or something like that. And who knows, if it’s another really awful day, I might make some more Doctors.