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Day: December 28, 2014

Best of Trout Nation 2014

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This year has been some year for me, let me tell you. So many exciting things happened, and I got to write about it all! So I’ve gone through 2014 and found my favorite posts (and got surprised at how many of them actually came from this year and not years past, as my faulty memory would have had me believe. These aren’t necessarily my biggest posts, but the ones I enjoyed the most.


January started off strong with this twitter story about Robert Plant being eaten by a bear, the Huffington Post article that made Anne Rice briefly not hate me, and the beginning of #MerlinClub. But I think my favorite post for January (and a strong contender for favorite post of the year) was the one in which I recapped the weird love story of the Nescafe Gold couple.


February was a wondrous time for me, dear reader, as I completed the last of my 50 Shades of Grey recaps and never have to read about that guy (that fucking guy) again. I also got a puppy, and my first YA novel Such Sweet Sorrow debuted.


Neil Elwood and Sophie Scaife returned in The Brideand I wrote about Jennifer Weiner’s controversial statements on diversity in YA at the Huffington Post


April was the month when the author who was the single largest influence on my love of books and writing called me names, and Disney’s Frozen saved me from suicidal thoughts.


In May, I realized that every song on One Direction’s Midnight Memories album was ripped the fuck off from other artists, and I got real about authors who have “I was first!” syndrome.


Halfway through the year, I made good on my resolution to wear a two-piece. I also shared my very first television appearance (before I had any idea that there would be more), made fun of the biggest assholes on the internet, and The Afflicted premiered on WattPad.


Shit got crazier in my career than I have ever experienced before. My Huffington Post essay about my bikini experience went viral as fuck, leading to an appearance on HuffPost Live. I went on Good Morning Americagot tired as fuck of fat shaming bullshit, and an angel in a candy store fulfilled one of my childhood dreams. And then my friends turned that dream into a pornographic nightmare.


I went on NPR to talk about the song that shall not be named (but I’m including it because how fucking cool, I went on NPR!). I also went on a local daytime show, which was really cool because I got to meet local anchors, which always feels somehow more famous than meeting big time celebrities. I wrote about the celebrity nude photo leaks at the Huffington Post and debated Beyoncé’s feminist cred.


It was the month of authors showing their asses, especially in the wake of the Ellora’s Cave lawsuit. I founded a new spirituality, and for once a TV adaption of a book I like didn’t brutally disappoint me.


A bunch of reviewers joined the Taliban without realizing it, an author received tons of praise for stalking, and Steve Harvey gave me the surprise of a lifetime, aided by fifteen brilliant women. This month also marked the founding of the Jealous Hater Book Club


Neil and Sophie came back in The ExI wrote some more about The Prophet, and I scattered the ashes of my love for Amanda Palmer to the wind.


And here we are again! Konrath thew a hissy, I made some motivational Doctors, and we came together as a family to help those in need (submissions for that post are still open, by the way, until New Year’s Day).

It has been an incredible year, and I’m so lucky to have you guys in my life every day. Here’s hoping 2015 is fantastic for all of Trout Nation.