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Day: July 2, 2015

THE BOSS audiobook giveaway and news!

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Hey everybody! I got great news this week! Tantor Media have acquired the rights to The Ex and The Baby, the fourth and upcoming fifth books in the Boss series. The Boss and The Girlfriend are both available now from them, and The Bride will be out next Tuesday.

So, funny thing, when you sell the audio rights to your novel, the company (in this case, Tantor Media) gives you some free copies. But what I am going to do with a bunch of copies of the same audiobook, right? So I’m going to give three copies away. Just enter, and then I’ll contact the winners after the 10th. I’ll even buy a silver Sharpie and sign these bad boys for you, and I’ll probably throw in some swag, as well, because I’m like that. Then I’ll kick back and sniff that Sharpie, and we’ll all have a good time.

P.S. I realize it’s a pain in the ass to do a giveaway thing where you have tweet or use social media or whatever, but Rafflecopter is all I got. So, if you do enter, thank you for jumping through that hoop to do so, I appreciate it.

a Rafflecopter giveaway