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Day: August 17, 2015

Men On Planes Part 2: The Re-Angering (Plus a link and a giveaway update)

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I’m back from Atlanta, everyone! [pause for wild cheering, young girls fainting]

Before I launch into my stories from the plane and airport, as the title suggests I very well may, I want to show you something. Rachel Kramer Bussel wrote a piece for about books featuring realistic and positive depictions of abortion, wherein no one winds up with their lives ruined because of the procedure. And she included my book The Girlfriend as one of the three books profiled! You can check out the article here, and if you haven’t read the Boss series yet (The Girlfriend is the second novel and not a stand-alone, but the first installment, The Boss is free to read on all platforms), you can find buy links here.

The rafflecopter giveaway has ENDED! I’ll be selecting the lucky winners from the over 2,000(!) entries. If you’re one of them, you’ll be notified tomorrow, and winners will be displayed on the widget on the giveaway page.