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Day: February 16, 2017

A Comprehensive Guide To Commonly Used Mario Kart 8 Terms*

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*applicable to the Trout house, only.


Green Shell Green Shell

Red Shell Red Shell

Spiny Shell No, everybody!

Banana Peel Banana Shell

Any of the triple items Rotating [item]

Boomerang Australian Come-backer

Star Star Man

Fire Flower Ahhh bababababababababababababy I’m a fireball *imitate the horn line*

Blooper Squid Ink

Item Box Power Up Question Mark

Super Horn Sound Block

Bob-omb Bomb

Crazy 8 No! Oh holy shit I’m going to die I got the eight! I got the eight!



Princess Peach Princess Pee

Donkey Kong Dongly Knob or Knobbly Dong

Toad Tod

Toadette Todette

Baby Mario BM

Baby Peach Baby Pee

Tanooki Mario Mario 3

Cat Peach Cat Pee

Dry Bowser Dry Boner

Roy Woo-Woo

Baby Luigi Butthole Linguini

Pink Gold Peach Pink Gold Pee

Do you have any stupid names for characters in games you play? Are they as juvenile as most of these?