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Day: December 14, 2017

It’s A Snow Day!

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I slept in beautifully, gloriously, and now my work day is all sideways. Hence, no advice post today. But guess what I do have.

A portrait of myself as a goddess crushing the patriarchy.

A drawing in comic style of me as a goddess, bedecked in a tunic with the colors of the bisexual flag, a crown of stars and golden marijuana, holding my American Girl doll Samantha in one hand and a guillotine in the other as I stand atop a pile of screaming white men in business suits.

Bronwyn Green commissioned this masterpiece from Jared Pechacek. Look at the detail! I’m still absolutely blown away by this, every time I look at it. The little pin on the shoulder of my toga actually says “Gallifrey” in circular Gallifreyan. That’s how freaking spot on this is. Look how haunted my American Girl doll is!

If you’d like to own a piece of Jared’s work, visit his online shop or visit his twitter for prices on commissions.