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Day: September 24, 2018

State Of The Trout: Deadline Week, High World Of Warcraft, and Patreon

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It’s deadline week here at Trout HQ! I’m writing a ridiculous amount of words per day to bring The Boyfriend in on time for a November release, so pardon the sparse updates. Today, I offer you a video of me, super high, trying to play a class I’ve never played before in World Of Warcraft.


Next week, expect a super long Spooky Story Time video about the tour and paranormal lock-in of the Sorrel-Weed House in Savannah, GA that I participated in over the summer.

The long blog drought won’t last forever. Just hopefully until I finish the book at this end of this week. In the meantime, more news! After requests from some blog readers and social media followers, I’ve reopened my Patreon! You can find the details here. All but one of the rewards is digital; physical rewards became overwhelming and caused me to stop doing the thing altogether. This part is important: if you were a Patron before and you didn’t un-patronize me (is that a thing?) you might find yourself getting charged now that it’s open again. If you no longer want to support me via Patreon, be sure you go cancel your monthly donation. I don’t want to surprise steal from you.

I’m going back into the writey-hole. Please throw stroopwaffles and coffee down to me at regular intervals.

Please make sure the coffee is in a container of some kind.