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Day: November 6, 2018

STATE OF THE TROUT: Patron appreciation and JHBC voting

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Salutations, Trout Nation, on this my country’s voting day!

There. I acknowledged it. Let us never speak of it again.

But speaking of voting (again), I’d like to turn your attention ever so briefly toward the Jealous Haters Book Club final voting round, which has been open for…what, a week? Two weeks? Doesn’t matter. Time is made up. Jeremy Bearimy.

Anyway, the voting has taken an interesting turn. There is currently a three-way tie, and every time I check for new votes, it will have still somehow evened itself out to a three-way tie. Since I never put a definite cap on when the voting was going to end, let’s say that it’ll be this Friday, and that if there’s still, somehow, a three-way tie, I’m going to eeny-meeny-miney this one. Or draw names out of a hat. If you haven’t voted, you can do so at this link. 

Now, onto my favorite part of this post. THE APPRECIATION! LET ME APPRECIATE YOU!

Lots of wonderful people send me donations through Ko-fi and Patreon to keep me doing the weird shit I do on the internet, but my $5 and up patrons on Patreon (and this month, a Ko-fi supporter) get a special mention in a video every month. Super fun, right?!

Well, this month, it’s about funerals. YOU’RE ALL WELCOME.

This is a great time to remind everyone that The Boyfriend comes out next Tuesday, but Patreon patrons at any level can read the first three chapters right. now. Everyone else has to wait for a much smaller sneak peek on Friday. When I’ll also announce what book we’ll be hating on in 2019. Until then, keep smiling, keep shining, and cross your fingers that my country isn’t a fully fascist state by then.