The cover of Second Chance shows a a shot of the Manhattan Bridge and the clocktower building in Brooklyn. There are two wide stripes, one blue and one white, across the middle of the cover, with the text "Second Chance" and "Internationally Bestselling Author Abigail Barnette." The bottom of the picture is two sets of legs, a woman and a man standing with their bare toes together.


Reunited with his unrelentingly sunny soul mate, Penny Parker, Ian Pratchett finds her hopeless romanticism is catching. Her influence—and an unconventional pact—make him believe in happily ever after again, though they know their future won’t be free from hurdles. 

But in the face of unpredictable changes, Penny’s bubbly optimism fades. As the woman he fell in love with slips away, Ian realizes he must share more of himself than ever before, or risk her happiness. And losing the love of his life is a mistake he won’t make twice. 

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The cover for second chance features a photo of the Manhattan Bridge, with the clocktower apartment building Ian lives in in the background. There is a white bar that reads "Second Chance" in bue and black text, and a blue bar with "Abigail Barnette" written in white beneath that. Under those, a picture of a man's legs in jeans, with bare feet are standing beside a woman with bare legs and feet, facing him on her tip toes. A small blue bar in the corner says "Penny"

After a passionate reunion, Penny Parker has a second chance with the love of her life, Ian Pratchett. But the problems that caused their breakup haven’t disappeared overnight. Nor have the objections of their friends and families. 

The thrill of a new beginning and an exhilarating secret bring Penny and Ian closer than ever, but when outside forces and personal disappointments threaten their fresh start, Penny must learn how to reach the guarded heart of the man she loves…before their happy ending drifts away. 

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*Contains content some readers who are pregnant, trying to conceive, or suffering a pregnancy loss may wish to avoid. For a more detailed disclaimer, please follow the link on the copyright page. Note: The extended warning will contain spoilers.

11 thoughts on “SECOND CHANCE is here!

  1. Already finished both versions. (UK timezone, so I got a headstart.)
    Cracking stuff. I’ll have to go back and read First Time again.

    One niggle – there’s an incomplete sentence in the Penny version around 87% just before Watt’s house. (Kindle version)

  2. Ah! So worth waiting for! You have such a wonderful way with sensitive topics. Thank you for making Penny and Ian so very real and so very loving toward each other, struggles and all. It’s so refreshing to read “real” love stories. You rock, Jenny!

    1. It will lead to nowhere in the sample. Unfortunately to see the extended warning, you have to have purchased the book. Which sucks, because people want to see that stuff before they buy the book, but there’s absolutely no way to make it clear without spoilering the book for other readers. Which works for Amazon, because of their return policy, but I’m not sure what Smashwords’s policy is on returns.

      Unless you’re talking about a problem in a purchased version of the book, in which case, tell me which one and where from and I’ll check it out.

    1. Since I distribute through Smashwords, the books always take a little while to reach B&N. Smashwords does have the Nook format, though!

  3. I don’t know if you want to/can follow up with Smashwords or B&N, but Penny has been available for a couple of days on B&N, but still no sign of Ian.

  4. The Smashword link says it is no longer published! Oh no I was hoping to download it before a flight. Alas. Where should I get it that’s isn’t Amazon?

    1. OH! I’m so sorry, I had a blog post scheduled for last week that explains why this is! You can find it on Draft 2 Digital, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Scribd.

    2. Sorry, I’m dumb. It’s published THROUGH Draft2Digital, that’s why it’s available on B&N, iBooks, Scribd, Nook, etc. Sorry, I’m frazzled, I can’t believe I didn’t make an updated post.

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