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True Blood Tuesday

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This week’s True Blood Tuesday features me forgetting it’s a half-day of school, so my daughter walked in and started telling me (and by extension all of you) about a log.

Download the .mp3 and start it right after the HBO logo/sound fades.

True Blood S01E02 “The First Taste”

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  1. Thank you. I hope you make more commentaries for the 1st and even 2nd season. The later series were crap but the beginning of the show was fun.

    June 14, 2016
  2. shel

    Watching with you is way fun, Jenny! Thanks for giving me a reason to rewatch, since I’ve not been interested after the horrid end to the series… But it’s nice to go back to when this show was just so good 🙂

    TB Tuesdays rock!

    June 17, 2016
  3. Crystal

    I loved both the books and the tv show. After season 1 I dropped the books and just went with the show. They are no longer the same thing. It is kind of like watching Game of Thrones now.

    July 17, 2016

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