8 thoughts on “True Blood Tuesday S01E04 “Escape From The Dragon’s Den”

  1. I’ve never understood why Eric speaks modern Swedish. It’s fun for me as a Swede but he would speak Old Norse. Maybe it was easier to not have to think about getting a translator and just let SkarsgĂ„rd do his thing. However, it does feel sort of like having a character from ancient Rome speak modern Italian instead of Latin.

    1. It’s been so many years. I guess he moves with the times. He doesn’t seem to be someone who isolates himself from the world around and dwell on the old times. That’s my explanation.

    2. in the later episodes when they flash back to his human self (or younger vampire self) is he speaking modern Swedish or old Norse? That info would clarify this dilemma.
      Also, I forget when Pam was made vampire so maybe she’s young enough that she wouldn’t speak old Norse?
      Thanks for the comment. Much to puzzle over :)

      1. Throughout the series, he speaks modern Swedish. Pam is English in the books and American in the series, if memory serves, so there’s really no reason for her to know Swedish or old Norse.

  2. As a non-book person, the first time I watched the series, I had no clue about sam dog aside from something weird was up with Sam…. so yes, the end of this episode was even more WTF the first time around.

    But even knowing what he’s doing, does he really need to roll around in it to get the scent?

    I think Jason’s V adventure is in part world building about V… but also starts him down the addiction path which leads to Amy and kidnapping sweet vampire Eddie…

    Thanks again for doing this re-watch! It’s easy to forget how great the first few seasons of this show are.

  3. Finally figured out where I know Rene from…he plays Neal in Once upon a time! That was killing me…but he’s in a bunch of other stuff too! ^^

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