7 thoughts on “True Blood Tuesday S01E12 “You’ll Be The Death Of Me”

  1. First of all, you’re adorable. “SOOKIE’S IN DANGER!” Lol
    And I can’t confirm for sure, but I remember after watching this season on its original run I said the same thing about it being LaFayette in the car!
    Gods, my heart breaks for Tara. She DOES deserve nice things, and this show consistently fucks her over after getting her hopes up. :(

    1. Finally, ew ew ew Sam Merlotte. Here are some good alternatives to say to Sookie:
      “Do you want to go hide in the office for a while?”
      “Do you want to step out for some air?”
      “How can I help?”
      “What do you need right now?”
      “Man, fuck all these small-minded pricks. I’ll kick ‘em all out!” (Sookie: “Aw, it’s not their fault. People can’t control what they -think-!” Sam: “Hey, what kind of boss would I be if I didn’t take care of my employees? I know Jason’s innocent, and these judgmental assholes can get their meals to go.”)
      Blergh, what he says is so specific and creepy. Not just “do you need to lie down” or “if you want some privacy, you can go to my trailer”, but “hey how about you go lie down in my trailer. Naked is fine!” }:(

  2. You’re absolutely right, it was Lafayette who died at the end of the first book. I hope you can find your signed copies!

  3. Why did it take Sam so long to smell Renee??? The guy was in the bar EVERY DAY! I know they explained why Sookie hadn’t heard anything weird from him, with the keeping that part of him locked away thing… but Sam got his scent off of his vest randomly when the plot needed it, when you’d think he’d have recognized it way sooner.

  4. Why is Sam the WORST? He did ONE redeeming thing by saving Bill, and then it was like he wanted to even it out by being even more aggressively terrible than usual. Sure, shit all over Sookie’s nice conversation with her friends, and bring up Arlene’s sham wedding to a murderer while you’re at it. Just ruin everyone’s day. Dick.

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