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True Blood Tuesday S02E01 “Nothing But The Blood”

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CW for talk of creepy Uncle Bertram. Here’s the file. Hit play when the HBO logo/sound fade.

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  1. Earthed Angel
    Earthed Angel

    Not a fan of the way Bill glamours over his actions. “I will not apologize for loving you!” But no one asked you to, Beel. She said things like “be honest with me” and “pls stop killing people who hurt me” and “I don’t know if our relationship can continue because we are so different”. Blah. It’s romantic, sure, but – SPOILERS – we know he is still lying to her about stuff!
    Fucking Sam Merlotte. With the self-pitying and the inappropriateness of his timing like ALL THE TIME.
    That scene between Maryann and Lettie Mae is really amazing, because yes LM was being an asshole to Tara but also her sobriety is so fragile and she’s such a broken woman, it feels cruel of M to tear her down that way (and even more so because we know she’s manipulating Tara), but it’s also exactly what Tara needs to be healthy: someone to help her break free of her mother. Someone to see how fucked up her mom treats her. It’s no wonder Tara bonds with Maryann. It’s why she nursed a crush on Jason for literally YEARS, and here comes a replacement mother figure who seems to be everything LM is not: cool-headed, sensuous, relaxed, intelligent, rich, and generous.
    On Jason with the Newlins: knowing where they are headed (and who Jason has been so far), it’s kind of adorable that he’s star-struck and drawn to Steve instead of Sarah.

    August 30, 2016
  2. shel

    Daphne is the big ass Paul Bunyan pig… Just wait, we’re only a couple of episodes from Drunk Andy yellin’ PIG!!!! and running around 😉

    I’m so torn on this episode, I think the Bill/Sookie scene is my favorite sex scene in the entire run of the series… but it’s tarnished with so much weird baby Sam and his flashbacks….

    August 30, 2016

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