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True Blood Tuesday S02E12 “Beyond Here Lies Nothin'”

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This is it, guys! The episode where they cut the rope and let the boat float on out to Jesus! Download here, start playing roughly when the HBO sound/logo fade from the screen.

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  1. shel

    I do think the vampire makeup this season is by far the worst, but it does get better quickly next season. I know the vampires are supposed to be pale, but they don’t need to look like they were attacked by a sack of flour.

    I would agree with your assessment of Tara, and unfortunately it only gets worse… her character does make some stupid decisions (they all do) but even through the end of the series her character arc is horribly handled and only serves other people’s stories- including lame ass side characters like her mom that I do not care one bit about. Tara got screwed.

    December 7, 2016
  2. Bunny

    Yikes! Season 3 is brutal on Tara. I hated the way the show dumped on her all the time. It hit me hard because she’s the character I indentified with, though I’d love to be Pam. Still the image you put in my head of Sam Merlotte being fisted will continue to cheer me up. I can’t stop laughing!

    December 15, 2016

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