SURRENDER cover reveal and release date!

Hey there everyone! Let me tell you a story!

Once upon a time, an author wrote a book. With every page that passed, she fell more in love with the characters. By the time the story was done, the characters fell in love with each other. The author was so proud and happy. She wanted to share the book with the world.

So, the author submitted the book to a famous publishing house. She awaited their decision nervously, but she knew, deep, deep down in her heart, that somehow the book would find its way to readers.

Then one day, huzzah! The publisher gave her a contract. They took her story and gave it a fancy package. They gave it a new title. The author was proud of her little book, even though it didn’t find many readers. She was happy if even just one person read it.

But her happiness was short-lived. Within just a few years, rumors began to swirl that the publisher was not all it pretended to be. Some authors weren’t getting paid. The publisher began to lash out nastily at any who opposed them. Royalty checks stopped coming. The author despaired.

This story has a happy ending, for the author signed a magical contract waiving her right to any of the royalties due to her in return for the book. At the stroke of midnight on January 1st, 2017, the publisher’s spell will be broken.

Which brings me to my news today. That book, a hot, historical three-way, will be re-released on January 1st. My hope is that it will find even more readers after I had to spend so long urging people not to buy the book.

So, here you have it. Victorian-era polyamory, scandalous sex, a heroine who knows what she wants…what’s not to love, right?

The cover of Surrender, with a woman's bare back draped in strands of pearls.



Deaf since infancy and condemned to spinsterhood by her father’s will, Honoria has one last chance to experience the carnal passion she’s read about in scandalous novels. She enlists an unlikely man to be her companion for five days and nights of wicked pleasures and fulfilled fantasies, never dreaming that her desire could become something far more complicated.

Esau isn’t a man acquainted with the finer things in life. Common and proud, he’d rather work on the docks than bed a rich woman for money. But Honoria is unlike any woman he’s ever known, and the only one who’s ever stirred him to tenderness—something he never dreamed he could feel.

But another man has fallen in love with Honoria. Her interpreter, Jude, is torn between responsibility and the secret desire he harbors for her. Though he’s tormented by the knowledge that Honoria takes another man into her bed every night, Jude knows that his true feelings could destroy her happiness.

Faced with an impossible choice, Honoria won’t let her future be decided for her again. And despite their differences, both men must learn to share Honoria’s heart…or risk losing her completely.

CW: Contains audist language and discussion of child sexual abuse. 

Previously released as Silent Surrender.

Surrender will be available from Amazon on January first. Additional platforms to follow. Come back to the blog on release day for buy links and an excerpt!


7 thoughts on “SURRENDER cover reveal and release date!

  1. I have a problem with the cover. Two words: Butt crack. There should be some. No one realistically has that much back real estate. I wish they did. Would save my eyes and others a lot of trouble. But no. This cover sets unrealistic expectations. It has a fever and the only cure is – more butt crack.

    1. Only your buttcrack is like that. I’ve been meaning to tell you that, but I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. Everyone else has a very small, tidy buttcrack, and you’re the freak.

  2. The use of the word “translator” jumped out at me here. In the case of a deaf woman, a translator is someone who would take written texts and translate to sign language. Translators deal with written words. Interpreters deal with oral communication, including English to sign language. I’m an interpreter but not a translator; they are different professions with different skill sets.

    1. OH MY GOD THANK YOU! I struggled with this blurb for like two weeks, showed it to several people, we were all like, “Something isn’t right.” In the publisher’s blurb, Jude is described as “the man who has been her teacher, translator, friend and link to the hearing world”. So, I’m rewriting the blurb and stumbling over well, he’s not her friend, the “link to the hearing world” part has to go, and yeah, he’s referred to throughout the book as her tutor but that sounds weird…

      It was “translator” that was hanging me up because it wasn’t the right god damn word! You’re getting an acknowledgement.

  3. I love this book! I bought it as silent surrender, but I will totally do it again. If you ever want to write more honoria, I will read the shit out of that, too.

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