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True Blood Tuesday S03E12, “Evil is Going On”

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Here’s the file. Press play when the HBO sound and logo fade.

Bill is a completely and total tool and I hope he meets the True Death. Also, there’s a ghost hobbit.

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  1. Tazi

    YAY new watch-along <3
    Erics makers name is Godric =D
    Russel Edgingtons German is atrocious XDD
    I don't think anyone minds Mr.Jen interrupting XD
    And I am so psyched for next week and Fairyland =D

    March 29, 2017
  2. Alex

    huh I didn’t realize I missed this episode. Cool, I get to watch 2 in a row!!

    April 11, 2017
  3. Lauren

    I audibly went “ugh!” When the fight between Bill and the queen started!

    April 22, 2017

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