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State Of The Trout: Where The Hell Have I Been?! and Audio Book News

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Remember when I announced my week-long hiatus, two weeks ago? Yeah, so about that. I had planned to return the blog to normal operations as soon as I came back from my retreat, but I’ve gotten into The Sister so deep that I forgot any other kind of writing existed for me. So, I’ve been spending my days blithely writing away on that and doing nothing for the blog! The Big Damn Writer Advice Column will return tomorrow, and then everything will be back on track next week.

Speaking of next week, did you know that it’s tech week for the show I’m in? That’s right, I’m in Center Stage Theatre’s production of Annie in Kalamazoo, MI. If you’re in the area and have always wanted to see me pretending to be a member of FDR’s cabinet, I highly encourage you to come to the show! Tickets and showtimes are available here.

If the dulcet tones of my lovely voice aren’t what you’re looking for, you might enjoy someone else’s, reading my book. Blunderwoman Productions has acquired the audio rights to Say Goodbye To Hollywood. More information to come!

That’s the news I’ve got right now. It’s back to The Sister for the rest of the work day. I can’t wait to share Sophie’s further adventures with you guys!

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