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May Patron Appreciation Post!

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It’s that time of month! My Patreon patrons get new fantasy-novel names and classes in this haphazard video I shot on the wrong SD card so it looks like it’s coming to you straight from 2005!

As always, I so appreciate all my Patreon patrons, all my friends who toss money in my Kofi, all the people who are broke but tell their friends, “Hey, there’s a cool blog you should check out!” Everyone who comes here supports me in some way, monetarily or just by showing up, you’re all badass for helping me support my family by doing the only job I’ve ever been able to keep!

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  1. Rebecca P.
    Rebecca P.

    WORTH EVERY PENNY. I love this idea, haha. And honestly I’m about to have to make a new character for a new Pathfinder campaign, so I might just go with Aceber for a name and see if anyone notices.

    May 30, 2019
  2. Lisel

    Agreed, worth every fucking penny, even if my name backwards was one of the less exciting ones to work with.

    June 1, 2019
    • Jenny Trout
      Jenny Trout

      I read your name off the thing and I was like, “Well, hope Lisel isn’t disappointed.”

      At that moment, I also realized that if any of my $5 Patrons were named Anna, I’d have to scrap the entire concept.

      June 2, 2019
      • Lisel

        Fuck no I’m not disappointed. What girl doesn’t want to be a sneaky arrow-slinging rogue when she grows up?

        June 4, 2019

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