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50 Shades of more fucking hypocrisy

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Since so many of you sent me this story, I feel like I can’t go into the weekend without commenting on it. I guess Universal is all upset because the plagiarized book they bought the film rights for is getting ripped off by a porn studio that I guess makes boring sex movies for stupid people, and I feel like none of this really matters, because this is truly the end of days.

Read the story at the hive of misogyny that always has their finger on the pulse of what’s important to women who like to bitch about other women’s parenting choices and how they’re not as good as their own.

I feel like anything I say in the matter will just be one solitary cry lost under a landside of hypocrisy, so have a gander at my post about the first time something like this went down. I feel basically the same.

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