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It Must Feel Colder In Hell Today…

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…because I cleaned my office. It’s a miracle.

I tend to find that while I’m writing a book, my office is a nightmare of filth. I just finished writing book four and suddenly I was no longer blind to the seriously unsanitary conditions and precariously stacked empty diet coke cans teetering unsafely in the stagnant breeze.

Because I do not want to get Tetnus and also because I had nothing better to do, I cleaned up my office. It’s a banner day that comes about once a year, I think, so I’m going to celebrate with this post, which I will call:

Jenny’s Office: By The Numbers
(Distances are approximate. Void where prohibited.)

400 books of various genres and subjects
200 feet to Jenny’s doctor’s office from her office.
50 Disney trading pins
16 ugly unicorn statues, suncatchers, pictures and general bric-a-brac
14 decks of tarot cards
11 folios of sheet music
8 Bertrice Small novels
7 Earth, Wind and Fire albums
5 Musical instruments (trombone, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, Yamaha keyboard, bodhran)
4 quartz crystals
3 Little Apple Dolls
2 pictures of Herman Melville
1 crystal ball

Other assorted clutter includes various wigs and hats, a framed steak knife and a cross stitched sampler of my favorite phrase “Nevermind, I’ll do it myself” translated into Scots Gaelic.

How does this enviroment, when free from dirty dishes, empty cheetos bags and discarded black jelly beans, help me focus my scattered creative energy and funnel my ideas into one, cohesive fictional vision?

I have no idea.

In fact, I’m sure that if I was mauled by bears at a camp out and dragged off into the night, the family member assigned to sorting through my things and putting my affairs to order will probably give up half way through the job, shaking their head and saying, “It’s a good thing she died, because she was clearly insane.”

There was a point to this. Probably some Virgina Wolf-esque, room-of-one’s-own type thing.

My office is clean! Wheee!

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  1. Hello.

    I just started reading the second book in your series.

    This might sound strange, but I love that you're willing to kill off characters. So many times it seems like authors cling to characters and don't want to face the reality that in dangerous situations someone is going to die. You're not afraid to go there, and it makes for great reading.

    Although I loved Ziggy, and it is too bad about him.

    I was wondering who your agent is. I am hoping to become published and I'm trying to connect with agents who represent work that I enjoy reading. If you have a policy against telling people who represents you, that's fine. Thanks for the great stories anyway.


    Lindsay Serrett

    April 10, 2007
  2. September/24/07

    Dear Jennifer Armintrout,

    I'm Lisa Ward. I just ordered three of your books. And since I couldn't mail you with an envelope, I thought I'd try this way. I'll just get to the point. The books of Blood ties are wonderful, will there be a fourth book? If so I can't wait to read it and if not, could I…make a fourth book? using only Cyrus? since Dahlia brought him back once, {why not again by Alex?} could I make him come back in my book? and also fall for a girl named Alex?? {Alex isn't her real name but he's n orphan} If you don't want me to use him yet I could publish a book 1st then if you wouldn't mind. to read it I would like my only author I like to be the first to read my book.And I was hopping you wouldn't mind if I made a story with Cyrus in it…

    What if your wonderful book of blood ties was true? I mean Vampires are so hot {meaning Cyrus # 1…Kyaaa! why did he have to die?}and I was into the vampires since I was four just like you.

    Yes my book has Vampires in it. And a vampire/demon that I made up.I think you'll like it. Well I hope you will. You're the person who inspired my to become a book writer. And I thank you for that.

    Your biggest fan,
    Lisa Ward [a.k.a] ImNotreal2u {youtube account}

    P.s.(and I do mean 'BIGGEST' fan}
    You can sent e-mail to me at: please reply. I would like to know if it's alright with you for me to use Cyrus or not.please…I'd love to use Cyrus…I only wish…please? oh man….I'll write a book of my own 1st to show you that I can….then you could think about…I'd love Cyrus to be mine.

    September 24, 2007

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