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HARD BALL series (writing as Abigail Barnette)

long relief coverLONG RELIEF (#1)

Successful entrepreneur Maggie Harper has lived and breathed baseball since birth. But when her father, once a legendary player, later a team owner, leaves her the Grand Rapids Bengals in his will, she’s in over her head. Orchestrating a successful season is foreign territory, complicated by a sizzling one-night stand with a player who definitely wants something more.

After pitching a disastrous game that cost the Bengals the championship pennant, veteran pitcher Chris Thomas knows his days as a player are numbered. There are more important things to be worried about than the sexy new team owner, but Maggie’s hot-and-cold act is driving him to distraction. A woman has never come between him and the game before, but now he has to make a choice between his love of playing ball and his love of Maggie.

When their entanglement is discovered, the stakes are even higher. Caught between doing what’s right for the team and what’s right for them, Maggie and Chris have to decide what’s more important, a championship season, or a chance at love.

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double header coverDOUBLE HEADER (#2)

When Javier Vargas was traded from the Portland Pioneers to the Grand Rapids Bengals, he didn’t just leave his team behind… he turned his back on the love of his life. Now, a year later, short stop Zach Martin is playing for the Bengals, as well, and Javier can’t believe he ever walked away from the scorching heat between them.

Being a Bengal brings its own complications for Zach, who’s tired of never setting down roots. Playing beside Javier, Zach is constantly reminded of their passionate nights—and the pain of his loss.

Javier screwed up one chance with Zach, and he’s not about to let a second one slip by. With scandals swirling all around the team, he has to choose between his career and his heart, and in the end, he might have to sacrifice both

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triple play coverTRIPLE PLAY (#3)

It’s been an incredible year for the Grand Rapids Bengals, and for Eva Colchado, sports writer for the local paper, the season is about to get a lot more interesting. She’s about to break a major story exposing a gambling scandal that involves the team—while getting involved with two players, herself.

When Taylor Coburn made a silly bet with the cute reporter, he had no idea that she would follow through on it. Now, poised to win the league championship, he and fellow player Jeron Curtis have a lot more at stake: a hot, no-strings-attached three way with Eva.

When Eva’s story breaks in the midst of the Bengals’ biggest triumph, all three of them have to choose between their loyalty and the feelings raging between them—all during the baseball season’s tumultuous final weeks.

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