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A Bewitched Musing/Trout Nation crossover video

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Hey there, friends! This video is part of a series I’ve been putting a lot of work and planning into. And while it’s not exactly the type of content that you come to Trout Nation for, this particular meditation technique is one that has helped me immensely in my writing. So, if you’re not totally averse to New Age stuff and you’ve been looking for new creativity boosting or mental health managing skills, this might be something you’d want to check out.

More information in the video!

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  1. Linda B
    Linda B

    Tried it and got this awful feeling that there is someone else there or that the house is unsafe :/
    I say house but honestly it’s a sparsely lit corner of a dark room, cosy furniture, soft rug and all that but it seems the space is either very small with an abyss beside it or maybe a large room that’s unfurnished.

    the feeling was alarming and I wonder if anyone else got a similar result.

    Maybe it shouldn’t be done when in a unstable psychological state?

    (Not pagan or of any particular faith but rather open and always curious)

    November 29, 2018
  2. Bunny

    So interesting! I’ve had dreams about different houses since I was little. Sometimes the house looks like my grandparents’ house or my great grandmother’s house. Everything is heightened and sometimes I go other places and it looks like my hometown but not my hometown.

    November 30, 2018
  3. Ariel

    This is neither here or there, but Jenny I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your blog, your hilarious and critical book recaps and your own published work ( i’m In the middle of “The sister” right now, which is great, though it took me a long while to be able to open it after the heartfuck that was “The baby.” You monster! 🙂 )

    (Full disclosure, I just had an energy drink, so i’m a bit aaaah-ooooh AKA wired. So, sorry about that.)

    Anyway, i’ve been rereading “Fifty shades” and “Grey” recraps, for they are both strangely soothing and stimulating in equal measure (like mulled wine, if you will) and the more time I spent in your blogospace, the more I want to just hug the turkey stuffing out of you. So since i’m hopped up on Burn and sentimentality, I wanted to let you know how cool I find you; from your insights on writing and the publishing world, through your non-preachy explanations of Paganism, your support of authors and bloggers who’ve been victimized by Mean Girls of the publishing industry to your general thoughtfully hilarious awesomeness. So here, have some goats in pajamas in lieu of a gift: Aaaaaaaand since i’ve probably made myself sound sufficiently like a creepy stalker, i’m gonna slink away now (insert Overly Attached Girlfriend meme here). P.S. I cannot wait for the “Beautiful Disaster” recaps to commence. Eeeee, the excitement, it is painful. 🙂 *sings “The final countdown”* P.P.S. Seriously, sorry about this long post. Caffeine, it’s a drug, y’all.

    December 2, 2018

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