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True Blood Tuesday: S05E02, “Authority Always Wins”

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Due to my stunning incompetence, this week got recorded with the wrong microphone. I could hear the mic and I could hear audio through the headset, but Audacity was set to record off the internal mic. So, I have so many apologies for the volume and sound quality, background noise, and metallic snipping throughout the whole thing. But I had such a fun time watching this episode and it felt so great to be back, I just thought, you know. Fuck it, we’ll do it live!

The file is here. Hit play when the HBO sound and logo fade.

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  1. Tazi

    (I am catching up on TBT’s right now because I hadn’t had time=/) Anyhow, the vamp that got turned and came back wrong (Bubba/Elvis, who I absolutely expected to see in the series and was like totally disappointed that he wasn’t in it, also I took a ridiculously long time to figure out who Bubba was because CH never actually let anyone speak or think his name) turned badly because he was messedup on drugs or meds or something… and the EMT was a vamp and he was like a fan or something and didn’t want to just let him die so he turned him anyways

    January 18, 2018

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