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The Great Facebook Fuckup of 2024

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Facebook has AMAZING 2-factor authentication. And have I ever praised their customer service? Can’t be beat.

And those lies are why you will no longer find my old accounts on Facebook. This morning, I woke up to find that after multiple password reset requests, hackers were able to take over my count and do god knows what to get it disabled permanently.

Because of their impeccable security bots, I was able to create a new account almost immediately. While I don’t have a page there for Jenny Trout anymore, I do have my Abigail Barnette page up and running again. If you followed me on the old page, you can find the new one here.

The problem now is that besides this blog, Facebook was really the only platform that I could reliably market my books to. I have releases coming up. I’m involved in a Kickstarter. I’ll be going to an event soon. All the readers who would have got that information from the old page are just POOF, gone. And there’s very little crossover between my audience on Facebook and my audience here, meaning I’ve just lost access to about a thousand readers.

Folks, I don’t sell a thousand books anymore. This ain’t 2013. So losing that audience is a devastating blow.

Being an indie author is hard and sucky nearly full time. The only fun part is the writing. But here I am, having to rebuild my readership again. I’m frustrated and angry and really sad. It feels like every time things start to look up, something bashes me down.

It would be great if you could visit the new page and share the post there. Every time it’s shared, there’s a chance a reader I lost contact with might see it. I need readers to keep writing, and this morning it very much feels like this could be the career ender and I am terrified.

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  1. BIev

    In the words of my very wise stepfather: “Whenever your bread starts to rise, some fucker’s gotta come sit on it.”

    March 15, 2024
  2. Calypso

    Will share wide, far and extravagantly. You are too good at what you do for the Powers That Be to be messing with you. Will be sending those responsible armpit gnats.

    March 16, 2024

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