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State of The Trout: Go look at some stuff edition

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Hey everybody! I’ve got some links for you!

First of all, Shanti Maharaj interviewed me for her piece on, “Don’t  Call It Mommy Porn.” I’m super psyched to have been a part of such an awesome story.

Second, if you’re absolutely dying for more The Boss related stuff, the entire series is currently on a virtual book tour! Author Karen Swart hosted an interview with Neil Elwood, and at Erotica for All I dish on the real life sex toys featured in the books!

In personal news, I’m totally psyched about some stuff I have coming in the mail, and my husband’s car just got out of the shop! I know that was the big scoop you were waiting for, so I won’t overwhelm you with too much more info, except to say that if you’re having trouble finding a plus-sized bikini for the summer (like I was), look no further than They have several really cute styles that will not require you to take out a high-interest loan.

Merlin Club post tomorrow, and have a good weekend!

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  1. Lieke

    That was a really interesting article. I like how it pinpointed a few of the things that were really disturbing about the FSOG phenomenon.

    I think the balance between visual stimulus and narrative fantasy is interesting too. I mean, a lot of the time a really hot guy is enough and sometimes you want a bit of a story. Seems about right.

    May 9, 2014
  2. Sara

    Thanks for the plus-sized scoop! I’ve been looking for some and these are super cute!

    May 9, 2014

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