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Come hang out with me at Authors After Dark

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Hey, are you in the southern United States? Are you not in the southern United States and want to travel there for a rad conference? This is going to interest your pants off.

Authors After Dark is a romance novel convention where the focus is the reader. The ratio of authors to readers is incredible. The parties are a riot. And the size of the conference is reasonable, so you’re not getting into an overwhelming, huge-scale con.

You can find more details here. This convention sells out every year, and people wait-list to get in, but this year, the organizers had some extra space and are throwing a five day sale! And, for the first time ever, they’re offering partial conference passes (there are no day passes available).

If you attend during*:                   Then your conference fee will be:

August 6 – 10                                           $175.00

August 7 – 10                                           $150.00

August 8 – 10                                           $100.00

August 9 – 10                                           $75.00

Now let’s talk about that *. Some terms and conditions apply. This offer is only available to attendees who reserve a single occupancy room for the nights they’re attending. Conference fee must be paid in cash when you register. To get the special conference rate (and for more information), you’ll need to contact blueflamesabove @ yahoo dot com. Offer expires August 1st, 2014.

This conference is truly special, and a great way for authors to connect with readers and readers to connect with authors. The parties are fun, and the atmosphere is like a slumber party. Once you go, you’ll want to go back every year.

I would love to see some Trout Nation friends there! If you’re attending, drop me a line and we’ll meet up!


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  1. I was thinking, “Hell yeah, I’d love to go!” but I realize that my cousin is getting married that weekend. Still considering skipping that to go :p

    July 25, 2014
  2. Honey

    I live in the UK so unfortunately it’s a no go for me. : (

    If you’re ever on this side of the pond though I will be there!

    Hope all goes well and you have a great time. I saw your post about ‘The Girlfriend’ and ‘The Bride’ being on sale so I had to buy them from Smashwords (and bought ‘If Ever I Would Leave You’ because, hell, I was already buying stuff!).

    You’re such an inspiration, as an author and a person. : )

    July 26, 2014
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