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Day: December 21, 2012

THE WEEK OF NOTHING SERIOUS: The Weighted Companion Cube will never try to stab you.

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This may go down in history as the geekiest of all the Christmas presents I am making this holiday season:

Yes, it’s the Weighted Companion Cube. That’s all it is. It’s not a box to conveniently store things, it’s not a stool or an ottoman, it’s just a Weighted Companion Cube my son can use when he’s pretending to be navigating the Aperture Science testing program. Which is always and constantly.

I’m not going to pass this off like “Oh, that was totally easy,” because it wasn’t. You’re looking at a 9 hour paint job. Did you know I scrunch up my face when I concentrate? I didn’t, until I got this burning pain in my forehead. And yes, the final product did end up costing more than just buying the stuffed version, because durable paint is expensive, but damnit, this one is better. Because it’s got LOVE.

I’ll be spending the rest of my day editing Roadhouse, working on presents, and writing up tomorrow’s 50 Shades Freed recap. I’ll also be going to my son’s school assembly, where he’ll be singing “Still Alive” (yes, the one from Portal) for the enjoyment of all of his peers.

But before I go, have this picture of the cutest little sleepy rat ratty rattigan face you’ve ever laid eyes on: