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Christmas is All Around! The Love, Actually twitter watch-a-long!

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Love Christmas is all around me, and you know what that means.

Oh, yes.

to me you are perfect

It’s time for Rick Grimes to show up romantically on your doorstep with a low-tech slide show, folks. It’s time for the greatest Christmas movie ever. It’s time for Love, Actually.

Love Actually

In the spirit of Christmas, and the fact that I have a huge crush on like 70% of this cast, this time around, Trout Nation gets three chances to party. That’s right. I’ll be watching along three times, because this gives me a bullet proof excuse to see this movie three times in twenty-four hours. I’d like to see Mr. Jen argue with me about my alleged “obsession” now. Ha!

Here are the times and dates you can join in:

Saturday, December 14, 9pm EST (UTC -5)

Sunday, December 15, 1am EST (UTC -5)

Sunday, December 15, 3pm EST (UTC -5)

To find out if these times are gonna work for you, visit Then start your dvd or digital copy of Love, Actually and tweet to the hashtag #BillyMack.

And remember: this is the best Christmas movie of all time, or I will fight you.

FINALLY! and the #EatMe Addams Family Values Watch-a-Long

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My daughter, whose first and middle names are Wednesday and Addams (yes, for real), FINALLY let me do this. I’ve been begging for like, two years. Bonus: I sent her to church with her grandparents like this.



Parenting achievement unlocked: Forcibly introduce child to cosplay.



And it turns out, she’s pretty good at it!

So, let me use this post for good just a second. A lot of people felt left out when we did the #UtterlyAlone watch-a-long party for Halloween, because their time zone made it impossible to join. Well, to celebrate American Thanksgiving, I thought, why not do another watch-a-long. What’s a good Thanksgiving movie?

wednesday addams


That’s right. On the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, November 29th, at 3 p.m. EST, we’ll be watching Addams Family Values. Because if it wasn’t obvious from the rest of the content in this post, I really, really love The Addams Family and there is like, a three minute Thanksgiving sequence in this one, so that means it counts.

So, at 3 p.m., EST, November 29th, start your DVD or whatever (it is not on Netflix streaming, I recommend renting from Amazon Video or just streaming if you’re a Prime member) and join your fellow Troutlanders on the hashtag #EatMe. The Beetlejuice one was awesome, so this should also be a good time!