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Day: August 1, 2013

State of The Trout

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Long time, no see! I know, it seems like I’m avoiding you. I’m not. I’ve just got stuff going on! Great stuff!

  • I’m hard at work on editing The Girlfriend, the much anticipated sequel to The Boss. I’m aiming for an August 20th release for the ebook, but since I’ve never worked with the ebook company I’m working with now, that could be subject to change. So stay tuned. I’m also looking to coordinate a cover reveal for August 10th. If you have a blog, and you’d like to be a part of the cover reveal, fill out this form.
  • Speaking of cover reveals, you still have a day to enter the Such Sweet Sorrow cover reveal contest, for a chance to win the book!
  • I’ve also been hard at work editing a short story for a friend, and it got me thinking… I could definitely do this for other people. So, I’m offering up my services as an editor. If you’re looking to hire someone to work on your project, check out the “editing services” tab in the menu above.
  • And on top of all of this, I’ve been sucked into a New Adult book idea that hit me like a truck. More information on that as it’s available.

So, what have you all been up to? If you’ve been up to nothing, just make something up. If you want to be really awesome, make something up and put dragons in it.