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Day: October 12, 2013

BREAKING: Charlie Hunnam Wakes from Months Long Hypnogogic Trance, Realizes What He’s Done

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Apparently, someone explained to Charlie Hunnam exactly what he agreed to, and when the icy fingers of reality speared through his brain, he left the project with nothing but a cloud of dust and a body-shaped hole in the wall.

charlie hunnam

Since this will almost certainly delay the movie’s release (filming was set to begin in November), I hereby decree that October 11 be recognized as a Troutnation national holiday. St. Hunnam’s Day, known in medieval times as “Hunnamsmas,” shall be commemorated each year with a dinner of anything a controlling psychopath didn’t force you to eat, and a village wide spanking contest.

So, weigh in, all ye citizens of Troutland. Is this a bad move on Hunnam’s part? Do you believe that “scheduling” issues took him away from the project? Who should they cast now? And does anyone know Ian Somerhalder’s whereabouts?