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Day: November 4, 2014

State of The Trout: “Not About Your Waist” edition

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HALLO there, all ye faithful and awesome citizens of Trout Nation! Hail and good morrow to thee. Or whatever.

Are you a United States citizen who is over 18 and legally registered to vote? Then you should go do that.

Why I haven’t blogged about a few things. I’ve received questions from people asking me if I was going to write about or what I thought about the recent stories about Jian Ghomeshi and Lena Dunham. For reasons relating to traumatic triggers and my mental health, I’m avoiding these topics.

Not about that bass? Did you love the catchy tune of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass,” but felt alienated by the lyrics? You’re in luck! YouTuber Natty Valencia has rewritten the words to “All About That Bass” and turned it into an incredibly positive message:

Also, I think this is one of those, “Listen now so you can say you were before it was cool,” because this chick is going to be a superstar.

Important info on THE EX: I’m busy at work putting the finishing touches on The Ex, which releases on November 22nd. I would be remiss if I didn’t include a heads up about the content of the book. There will be a trigger warning in the back cover copy, as the plot centers heavily on frank discussions of rape, rape recovery, and substance abuse. To those readers who will be unable to enjoy the book because of this, I’m sorry to disappoint you. To those who want to read the book, but aren’t in a mentally healthy place to do so  at release time, I completely understand. And if you know someone who reads the series, please mention the trigger warning to them as well, if you deem it appropriate to do so.

What am I working on right now? Glad you asked! In addition to another project with The Story Foundation, I’m working hard on the sequel to Such Sweet Sorrow, as well as the next Buffy recap. Thank you all for being so patient about those recaps, by the way. For some reason, I find them more difficult than my other recaps. Not in an unpleasant way, just in a labor-intensive way. I can throw off an Apolonia recap in an hour or two, but I care about Buffy.

Last of all Thanks for all the nice things you’ve said about the Amanda Palmer post, and in general, for every very personal post I put up here.