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Day: August 22, 2017

THE SISTER is here (and a release week giveaway!)

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The cover of The Sister, a black and white image of a woman in bra and panties, her head thrown back and her hand between her legs (though nothing explicit is shown).

The Sister is finally here! Thank you to all the readers who asked for more Neil and Sophie. I hope this book delivers.

Right now, you can buy it on Smashwords. When Amazon is available, I’ll update the link here. iBooks, Nook, and other platforms usually follow within a week or so, and I’ll announce paperback and audio versions on my Abigail Barnette Facebook page as more information becomes available.

Now for the exciting part! Since I’m a) terrible at timing and b) terrible at self-promotion, I’ve chosen to release my latest book while I’m on vacation to a remote cabin near Munising, Michigan, where there is no internet and no cell service. What does that mean? I’m glad you asked. It means I can’t tweet or Facebook my great news about my book release! So, I’m doing a raffle, in which I am encouraging you, my faithful readers*, to promo the hell out of this book on Twitter. Promo the hell out of it on Facebook. Promo the ever-living tar out of it. Here’s what’s in it for you:

1st Prize: A Kindle Fire 7 (8 Gig) and a signed paperback of The Boss

2nd Prize: A $25 Amazon Gift Card and a signed paperback of The Boss

3rd Prize: A $5 Amazon Gift Card and a signed paperback of The Boss

4th Prize: Signed paperbacks of The Boss and First Time

So, how do you enter? Simple. Tweet a link to this post or one of the buy links. Or put it on Facebook. Or Tumblr. Add it to your GoodReads shelf. Review it somewhere. Put it in a comment on something. Tell someone about it. Tell anyone about it, and fill out the form below with the link to where you helped me out by spreading the word. You can enter as many times as you want, as long as you’re sending me different links. I’ll pick winners via random number generator and announce them here on August 29th (and via email, so be sure you give me on that you check).

*I bet you’re wondering about the asterisk. Well, here’s the deal. Due to shipping and the wonky way Amazon works with their gift cards not being international and also just getting you this Kindle and you being able to plug it into the wall, this giveaway is only open to people who live in the United States. It’s not that I don’t love and appreciate you all. It’s just logistics and how freaking expensive it is to mail stuff out of the country.

When you’re ready to enter, here’s the form:

Thanks again, everyone who reads this series or has recommended it to other readers over the years. It means the world to me that you love my characters and their adventures, and your excitement over this book has lifted my spirits in a really dark time.