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Day: August 29, 2017

THE SISTER release week giveaway!

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First up, big thank you to everyone who tweeted links or left reviews or even just messaged me to say, “I finished it in 12 hours when is The Boyfriend coming out?” Also, thank you to everyone who pointed out the formatting errors with the Smashwords copy. A new copy will be available this week, and then it will be distributed to other platforms.

One thing I feel bad about, though, is that in this giveaway I said you could leave links to Amazon or GoodReads reviews, and looking back I was like, “Wait, what if they think I’m going to go read those reviews?” Don’t worry, I did not read your reviews. I’m not in a mental place where I even want to read reviews right now, so you’re totally safe.

Now, let’s get down to announcing these winners. The random number generator has spoken!

1st Prize: A Kindle Fire 7 (8 Gig) and a signed paperback of The Boss: Rebecca Rosen

2nd Prize: A $25 Amazon Gift Card and a signed paperback of The Boss: Laura Nichols

3rd Prize: A $5 Amazon Gift Card and a signed paperback of The Boss: Elena Johansen

4th Prize: Signed paperbacks of The Boss and First Time: Brianna Bernardo

I’ll be contacting you guys via email to get your information and send you your prizes.

Again, thanks everybody for spreading the word and reading my books. That means a lot to me.