THE STRANGER release day!

A dark-haired woman's naked back, with a man's large hands at her waist and neck. The words "The Stranger" are superimposed over the black and white image, and "Abigail Barnette" is printed at the bottom of the image.

It’s release day! Right now, you can buy The Stranger at AmazoniBooks, and Smashwords. More retailers (B&N, Kobo, etc.) will become available through the week. Thanks so much for your continued support of my work and these characters. This was a very fun story to write!



22 thoughts on “THE STRANGER release day!

  1. I read 4 out of 5 books over the past week and read the novella during lunch — I was SO sad that I had to leave this book world behind, I know this is melodramatic but it felt like an actual loss! BUT THEN I caught up on Twitter and now am happy again… Yay for 2017! What sister? Whose sister? I can’t wait!!

  2. So this is slightly off topic, but I managed to get a group of friends who were fans of 50 Shades (and who know that I can’t stand it for a variety of reasons) to agree to a book club of The Boss.
    Any discussion question suggestions?

    I would ask for suggestions on twitter but at least one of them follows me and it might make them feel like I was getting too dramatic about the whole thing. They don’t know that this book is by the same author who writes the 50 Shades analysis that I spammed them with.

    1. Maybe questions on how consent is handled and how the female lead reacts to things the male leads does (is she happy or upset, etc.)? How does he treat her and would the people reading these books want to be treated in the same way? I have no idea what sort of discussions happen in book clubs.

        1. That’s my problem. I’ve only been in one book club and it was activism centered so there were pretty natural discussion points.
          So far everyone is liking it though! And there have been some interesting admissions that they have a better understanding of bdsm and why 50 Shades was a garbage fire.

          I think the most hated discussion though was about whether sophie should have left immediately vs promotion vs stay the assistant. Lots of feelings.

          1. Oh and apparently I have been declared the Book Club Despot due to my ability to soapbox and monologue, so any recs for the next book are welcome. Ooh maybe Handmaid Tale…

  3. I’m totally late to the party on this, but Jenny you did such an awesome job with this story!! It was sexy, funny, smart, clever and the most important thing, consistent with the other books. I had such a shitty week before I got this book and this totally made it better. Plus, nothing can beat reading about Neil and Sophie flirting for the first time. #hotnessx10

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