There’s a place in the world for the angry young man

Well hey there, everybody! I left on a rather abrupt note, and I apologize for that. I also apologize for how disjointed and rambling all of this is going to sound, but it feels important to me and it does concern this blog and some changes that are coming up, so try to follow me here.

I have taken some stock in things. Some people were upset at the way I handled my conflict with another author. I’m at a weird intersection on this one. A part of me is like, “Oh no, I disappointed people,” and another part of me is so super glad that I disappointed people, because it made me take stock and recognize a role that I’ve been typecasting myself in. The Angry Young Man.

I started this blog back in 2007 or 2008, I think. That’s a long time ago. I didn’t start writing about Fifty Shades of Grey until 2011, but that’s when I think of this blog really beginning. Before those recaps, I was a total nobody. Worse than a nobody. I was a has-been. I was a failure. So, when I got mad about Fifty Shades of Grey and people got mad with me, I felt like, yes, I’m a voice, I’m giving people a good feeling of not being alone, we all hate this together, fuck the establishment! I felt like the scrappy underdog.

The thing is, at the end of the story, the scrappy underdog usually wins, and then it’s over. My books got moderately successful again, I felt like a somebody again, but I never took off the Angry Young Man persona. I didn’t even feel like it was necessary to take it off, even though every new success made it get a little tighter. But I had this new voice, and people listened to what I was saying, so when I saw people doing stupid shit and everyone just letting them get away with it, I was like, well, I can say something about that and people will know it’s happening!

That was my primary motivator. I saw a thing, I felt things about the thing, and I said things, because I was afraid that no one else could see the thing. And this was all because of three things that really were happening/had happened, that nobody could see. Those three things were my name, my bad experience with publishers, and my toxic friendship baggage.

Now I’ve tossed out the toxic baggage. I’ve already shared how I feel about publishing and my name. And you know what? Those were the things that were important to talk about. Those were the things I was afraid no one could see. And I put myself out there and got personal and said all the things I thought people weren’t seeing. I made those things seen.

Now, I don’t have that need anymore. Now that I don’t have that gnawing fear that some cosmic injustice might pass without other people seeing it, I don’t feel that need. I know I have a voice and that if something shitty happens to me again, this time, I can say something. And because of that, the thought of squeezing into this Angry Young Man costume is exhausting.

I’ve been blogging about Fifty Shades of Grey for five years now. Five years, three and a half books and a movie. Five years of getting thirty emails for every single news story about Fifty Shades of Grey that happened. Then she announced that second retelling from Christian’s POV and I was like…I don’t know. I don’t know if I have the strength. I’m going to be doing this forever. Someone once said that about me and E.L. James, that we were like Batman and The Joker, we’d be doing this forever. But I don’t want to do it forever. First, I was just yelling into the void in the hopes that people would hear me and see what a shit book it was. Then, I was doing it to entertain you (and because you guys bailed out my friends financially). After that, it was, unfortunately, my brand. It became my coworker who I really, really hated, but I liked my job so I had to keep associating with this coworker. Plus, I feel this really weird gratitude toward Fifty Shades, like I owe it to the franchise to keep my hatred of it at the forefront of my mind, because of all the good things I got from mocking it. Or something.

But I’m done with that. I know I’m going to lose some readers, but I hope you all understand that I’m just tired of hating. And the suit really is getting too small. Plus, with all of this nonsense about rape culture being at the forefront of the stupid presidential election, I just need a brain break from men who think they can assault women without consequence and women gleefully proclaiming that they’d be just fine with being assaulted. So much of that attitude is tied up in Fifty Shades of Grey and its reception, and I need a break. So, I’m not going to be doing the recaps anymore, and if I do any reporting on the franchise, it’s going to be very sparse.

The same with the Don’t Do This Ever posts. There’s a reason I haven’t been doing as many of those, and that’s simply because most of the time now, more important voices are covering things. It no longer feels like all of these things will go unseen, which was my driving fear in the first place. It’s pretty freeing once you realize that you don’t have to be personally involved in every bullshit thing that goes down online. That doesn’t mean I’m steering this tugboat toward Sunshine Sisterhood harbor. I’m not going to start espousing “Be Kind” in an attempt to keep people from talking about important issues. But I’m not going to don the Angry Young Man persona and go out there and get ‘em anymore.

Now, the Buffy recaps? True Blood Tuesday? I’ll keep doing those because I love doing them. They bring joy and positivity into my world, and that’s what I’m trying to do more of. Not in a dopey-eyed, Sunshine Sisterhood of Keeping It Kind way. Making those posts about the toxic friendship did take something off of me. It did free me. And I’ve spent my week off not just from the blog, but from everything. I didn’t write if I didn’t feel like it. I focused on myself, on how I feel about stuff, and how I feel now that all of this giant, toxic, festering weight has been lifted. And I decided that overall, I want to be a more positive person. I want to focus on the good. I’m tired of being so cynical that I’m miserable all the time, especially when it’s at such odds with who I am as a person.

Again, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to start telling everyone to Be Nice and sweep things under the rug. I’ll still have stuff to say when saying stuff is warranted. Hopefully, I’ll still be interesting. If I’m not, well, then I guess I wasn’t interesting to start with, if I could only be interesting when talking about other people. And this won’t affect the publication of Say Goodbye To Hollywood. Although a lot of people are excited for it because of the satire aspect, at heart it’s a romance, and I’m not going to sacrifice what I think is a pretty cool love story.

I’m not quite sure why this feels like a goodbye letter. It’s not. I’ll still be here. Hell, I’ll have a True Blood Tuesday post tomorrow, and a Domestic Violence Awareness Month post on Wednesday. Maybe it’s because so much of this blog has been dedicated to Fifty Shades of Grey and drama, that it feels like I’m closing a door. But I know that I’m not, because I know that I have so much more wonderful strangeness in me that I can share without it being tied up with other people’s work and other people’s problems.

And while all of this seems sudden, it’s a change that’s been coming for a while. I’ve just been resisting it and trying to deny how tired I felt about it all lately. Seeing Billy Joel again in August really got the ball rolling. He opened with “Prelude/ Angry Young Man” and the words “I believe I’ve passed the age of consciousness and righteous rage” hit me hard. I really have passed the age of getting riled up about shit that ultimately won’t matter, especially when “life [goes] on no matter who was wrong or right.” And especially when the shit that does matter needs so much more energy.

So, if you’re leaving, I’ll miss you, and thank you for the support. If you’re staying, I can’t promise everything is going to be the same. Shit is going to get weird, but hopefully in a good, mutually beneficial way. And if you’re just interested in seeing me get fired up about stuff, there’s always Twitter. I’ll never not be mad on Twitter, and I’ll never not be RTing other people being mad.

Anyway, hope you all understand. Onward and upward.

128 thoughts on “There’s a place in the world for the angry young man

  1. I enjoy your 50 posts, but she’s just retelling the same story now, anyway, so you’re basically recapping the same book over again. I get updates in my email when you post and I read any posts that interest me and skip those that don’t. I see no reason to not continue with that.

    I do think there is a place for critique, though. I just finished reading a truly awful book and there were so many 4 and 5-star ratings on Goodreads that it was disheartening. Because if people can’t recognize a bad book and they make it a bestseller, then we just keep getting more books like it. And that’s bad for me as a reader and bad for all writers who care about quality. So I hope you won’t give that up entirely.

  2. Firstly cards on the table. I’m fortunate enough to count myself among Jen’s friends. So with that out there I just want to say how happy and proud and excited I am for the changes you describe above. To me this read as something more than stepping out of the Angry Young Man suit; it’s stepping into Jen’s Most Comfortable and Fabulous Ensemble (to beat the metaphor to death). Correct me if I’m misreading this but so much of the letting go you describe above can only happen when something else, a rediscovered joy, confidence in, love of your own voice, emerges.
    For that, as both your friend and as a reader of your work, I’m profoundly glad. Don’t get me wrong I love the 50 Snark but unlike, say, EL James, I’ve always known you were so much more and had many more stories to tell. I for one can’t wait to read them.
    As for any naysayers, people who don’t like the change but can’t leave without having a dig, certain trolls (you know who you are) who take advantage of any situation to spread their nonsense, I have one thing to say; “DON’T”. This is Jen’s space and Jen’s choice and as she says, people are free to go on their way. But having seen some of the reactions to Jen’s posts about her (note the operative word “her” here) toxic friendship I will just say I’ll bring my A game to her defense.
    Anyway in summary; go for it Jen. We’re here for it all.

  3. If you carry on being this astute and self aware you’re going to have to write an inspirational memoir, you know that right?! You’ve been on an emotional journey so the laws of The Internet decree that to be the next logical step. And your online presence shall be punctuated with Instagram pics of dust motes dancing at dusk, with Oprah endorsed aha! moments and uplifting memes in whimsical fonts…

    Annnnd I’d probably read the shit out of that too.

    Welcome back Trout 2.0. Looking forward to seeing what the next chapter brings x

  4. Hello Jenny,

    I came here because I loved the Blood Ties series and American Vampire. I stayed because I like your writing (blog and books) and I like you.
    The 50SoG recaps were something I enjoyed but I understand the weariness.
    So, here’s one fangirl that will stay, no matter what.

    Lots of love from Germany, glad you’re in a better place now. =)

  5. This sounds like such a wonderful step forward. Good on you!

    Honestly, I always found your 50SoG posts the least interesting ones on your blog. It was painful reading those excerpts even to mock them. So, I have no problem with them disappearing.

    I am a bit more sad about the ‘Don’t Do This Ever’ posts. I always liked your insight on certain issues and the way you deconstructed the problems. It was really nice to have a reliable source to turn to about certain things. But I do understand that it’s not your responsibility to talk about these things, and you shouldn’t feel like it is.

    I wish you the best for the future, and I’ll still be sticking around.

  6. Goodbye to the Angry Young Man. I did like him a lot, but completely understand why he’s something you don’t always want to wear. I’m glad you’ve found out how you want to be and what you want to do – we support you.

  7. I’m sorry that both are going away, but they certainly aren’t he only reasons why I stop by.

    Just one question, the already written and posted 50 recaps are sticking around, right? It’s cool if they aren’t but there are some days where your epic takedowns help me get through the day.

  8. I support any decision you make for your own well-being. I love your writing and will continue to visit here. I’ve been in that angry stage a few times in my life (usually for political/civil rights reasons) and sometimes we really do need to put that burden down and rest.

  9. I’m so glad that you’re no longer going to be writing posts that you don’t enjoy writing. I loved your 50SOG posts, but especially with the Grey book it felt like your heart want wasn’t in it anymore.

    You’re a talented writer so each post made me think about things differently but you don’t owe it to anyone to write about things that are not good for you.

    Having said that, I’m beyond delighted you will be carrying on with the Buffy recaps! I can’t wait to get to Once More With Feeling.

    1. All of this ⤴️
      I came for the Buffy recaps and stayed for everything else. But reading the 50 shades posts was getting painful, because it’s such a terrible book. I’d come away feeling angry and depressed that these books are so popular, when they’re just so awful. I certainly won’t miss them. I am so so excited for the Once More With Feeling recap too!

      1. ^^^ This!

        I also came for Buffy, and stayed for the rest. I read some of the 50 Shades recaps, but eventually I couldn’t even stomach them, so I don’t blame you for not wanting to write them! I’ll definitely be sticking around. And if you’re looking for something else fun to review, there’s always Angel…

        Just sayin’

  10. I kind of saw this coming for a while because it was becoming fairly obvious that you weren’t enjoying the 50SOG stuff any more. They were what brought me here in the first place; I was still massively enjoying them myself but you know what? Over the 5 or so years I’ve been reading this blog, I’ve come to really value you and your work. So of course I support your decision to stop doing something you hate, even if I enjoyed its fruits.

    Hell, if enough people end up wanting the recaps to continue, I’d be more than happy to start a sneaky recap club on the Trout Nation forum.

  11. Hey Jenny, I will be missing the recaps, but it was only a fraction of the reason I follow you on the blog, on Tumblr and on Twitter. I love most things you share and I´ll stay a fan.

  12. I found you through the 50 shades blogs, and came to love your writing. But, I have to say, I’m kind of relieved that you’re not doing them any more. I kept reading them because I like your writing and I thought that if you were taking that bullet from the team, I wanted to support you.
    But I already know I hate the books, and reading through the exact same story a second time just felt like a slog.
    I’ll still be here, and I’ll still love your writing, and I will forever be grateful for the little inside jokes I spotted in The Boss, where I read a scene and thought “this is a response to show us how to do things right where Grey gets them wrong…”

  13. All you had to say was that you don’t want to write them! I hope you’re not beating yourself up over all the time you spent with 50S, though. I think those posts and your analysis were/are very needed- I still cite you when schooling people on the massive issues with the books, especially since people have been passing around those “who bought all the copies of 50sog if y’all hate Donald so much” memes and then the “but the book portrays CONSENT” memes after it. Thanks for all the work you did; it’s helped me educate my sometimes clueless husband about what it’s like to be a woman. Anyway, I don’t begrudge you wanting to write what you want to write for a minute! Thanks for being kind enough to give us an explanation!

    1. I’ve been really hoping that the DT crap will give some of the 50 fans a little more insight into these books and maybe make them really think about it. I mean, if DT isn’t the real life Christian Grey …

      I’ve tried to point that out where I’ve seen it. So many people think Ana signed the contract (I’m starting to wonder if any of them actually read the books …) and miss so much of what really went on here. I don’t think enjoying a book means a man IRL has a right to touch you against your will, of course. It’s fantasy. I fantasize about so many things I know I don’t actually want to do. But maybe, just maybe, the comparison will make them realize the problem with these books.

      Wishful thinking?

      1. Yes, I was having the same thought. Almost as if all the media devoted to Christian Gray, even the sporkings and criticisms, finally coalesced to create the Trump monster which is now out of control stomping around like Dr. Frankenstein’s creature. Let’s just the 50 Shades monster disappear. I truly hope Trump will be the catalyst to do that.

        I’m not a Buffy or any kind of Vampire fan, so I don’t read the other recaps. But I do love Jenny’s comments and stories on the Romance publishing world. Let’s see more of those!

  14. Although the 50 shades posts used to be my favourite ones and the ones that brought me to your blog, i’ll always support anybody’s decision to let go of the things that aren’t making them happy <3

  15. I just like your recaps generally. I hope that you will find other things like Buffy that you can recap because you like to, because I really enjoy reading your take on other people’s stories.

    Even if you don’t, I’m still your fan. :)

  16. Jenny, you’re the best! 50SoG was just a great way for people to find out how awesome you are.

    One thing I’ve really loved on your blog over the years is the posts you’ve written about how to not be a shitty person – not “Don’t Do This Ever” posts, but things about treating everyone like a real person whether they are queer, plus sized, etc. I hope that when you do see something that needs to be said, you’ll still want to say it, because I love the way you make me think about stuff like that. But everything you put out here is a gem and you should 100% be putting out the gems that make you feel good and not ones that don’t!

  17. Honestly, I’m glad that the 50 Shades recaps are going. In the beginning they were funny and frustrating, now they feel like a long dive into despair. I can’t remember the last time I laughed during one.

    I like you. I like your Buffy recaps and your weird posts about mushrooms. I like that you feel like someone I would be friends with if I knew you in real life. And like a friend I’m glad that you’re shedding something that has become toxic in your life.

  18. I can understand being bogged down by anger and wanting to get out from it. Good for you for recognizing that certain blogs were pulling you down & stopping. I will still be here reading bc I enjoy your writing. Can’t wait to see what you blog on next!

  19. You know, I stared reading this blog because of the recaps. I generally enjoy them. But this? Refusing to stay what other people might want you to be and living your life the best way you know how? I like this so very much more.

  20. Good for you ! I’m happy that you had that realization, and I can’t wait to read more new stuff from you !
    For another series of recaps, may I suggest the following because I’ve been trying to find recaps of them and couldn’t find anything anywhere remotely as funny as yours : game of thrones, gilmore girls, doctor who

    1. OMG, Jenny GG and DW recaps would be so amazing. If this is something you have any interest in doing, Jenny, here’s another vote saying that is a fabulous idea.

  21. I came here for the Grey recaps, but I’m staying because you’re fantastic and I love your writing. This is a brilliant move. I’m so excited to see where you take this blog next! Allons-y!

  22. I’m another one who found your blog through the 50 shades recaps but carried on reading for everything else.

    Recently, I’ve enjoyed the Grey (and other “angry” recaps) but some of my favourite posts have been the positive ones. I loved reading about your daughter’s Oreo cake and your birthday message from Peter Capaldi, for example.

    I hope the new direction on the blog will give you more space to write about things that you love. I’m glad that you feel like a burden is lifting and it’s nice to think about you writing about happier things.

    I would miss the Buffy recaps though so I’m glad they’re staying.

  23. I may have found you through the 50 Shades recaps but I will be staying for the great writing and the cracking sense of humour. Exciting times ahead.

  24. I will say I will miss the FSoG ongoing recaps, but I get wanting to leave it behind. Even though I’m entertained by them, it’s a masochistic sort of enjoyment – and all I’m doing is reading the end product; actually having to read and mull over the material has got to be drudgery. So yeah, get out of there!

    I will definitely continue stopping in, though! I enjoyed both “let’s get high and watch ___” bits and do enjoy your Twitter.

    Rock on, madame.

  25. I’ve always known you are sooooo much more than the 50SOG recaps and Don’t Do This Ever posts. You have so much talent. I love your honesty, your transparency and your unique way of looking at life. It’s time to step into Who You Truly Are.
    Leave behind the Angry Young Man. One day he’ll be replaced with the Angry Old Man. Enjoy the years between.
    Love and miss you!

  26. Another one who found you through the 50sog recaps. Absolutely loved the snark! But I went on to read the Boss series and I love love love the Buffy recaps! So wont be leaving anytime soon.

    I find it inspiring. I wish I could let go of the toxicness in my own life.

    Oh, and Swedish fan here, just to let you know how far you’ve reached!

  27. I’m certainly glad you were able to release a lot of what was holding you down. While I enjoyed the 50Shades recaps, I’d prefer an author favorite of mine didn’t spiral into a dark hole of despair over it (this isn’t the Victorian Times, you can be happy and still write dark stuff).

    That said, I’m struggling with my own form of Angry Young Man (made somewhat impossible to overcome as I became used to my therapist – who is now on pregnancy leave – pointing out to me when I was spiraling so now I find it hard to know when I am) and I hope I’m able to come to a healthy decision for myself.

  28. Also found you through the FSOG recaps, but quickly became a huge fan of your fiction – a large percentage of my Kindle is your work.

    I also love your presence on Twitter, and that you take time to interact with people who connect with you there.

    I’ll be here for whatever comes next. :)

  29. The recaps brought me here but like so many others I just ended up loving your other work. I’m not surprised you are stopping them and there were times I wondered if you would stop and I hoped you wouldn’t. However, the past several were just so hard to get through and I almost didn’t finish the last one. Not because of your writing or insights; they were just harder and harder to read the dark abuse and find any humor in them anymore.
    I’m glad you’re making the best decision for you and looking forward to what comes next!

  30. I don’t comment on posts very often, if at all, but I wanted to tell you that while I discovered you through a friend sharing your 50SoG recaps with me since she knew how much I hate those books, I’ve now become an actual fangirl of all things Trout.

    I think the first 3 books were important to be recapped. I just recently pointed a friend in your direction and recommended he and his wife read The Boss series instead.

    That being said, I check your blog so often, that it pops up in my most frequented site spot when I open a new Google Chrome tab. It is even before my actual work websites that I need for my job. LOL! Last week was rough, with no Jenny in my life (well, in blog form. I did stalk you on Twitter pretty much daily).

    I’ll continue to check your blog every morning. Love the Buffy recaps. Love your books. Love you! <3

  31. I came for the 50 Shades recaps, but I stayed for the Buffy rewatch! At this point I can only imagine how draining it must have been keeping up with the latest book. Good on you for letting go of the toxicity, something I am working on myself. I really do enjoy all of your posts so I won’t be going anywhere!

  32. Honestly, you could write a post about what you had for breakfast and I’d still read the hell out of it. I’m here because you are a funny, smart, and talented writer. Glad to see that you are taking care of yourself and ditching what doesn’t make you happy. Thanks for the great Buffy recaps and looking forward to what comes next!

    1. I second this! Also, you seem to like crafting and I thought your Halloween decorations were the cutest. Maybe you could show us where you get inspired for sewing projects and stuff?

  33. I’ll miss the Grey recaps, but… honestly, I’m not surprised. I became aware of you pretty late and read all the 50S recaps in one sitting, basically, and you could just sort of feel them suck the marrow out of your soul, I’m amazed you’ve kept them writing this long.

    I weirdly enjoy your Buffy recaps despite having never seen an ep of Buffy and not really being all that into the style. So I’ll be sticking around a little bit more.

  34. I just want to thank you for all the recaps and callouts, and look forward to hearing more from you even if it not about that terrible series you so kindly slogged through for our sake. You’re an awesome person and I’m glad you’re taking care of you.

  35. This is what I was expecting after your hiatus announcement, and I fully support the decision to prioritize your own happiness and refocus on things you enjoy. Like many others, I originally came here for the 50sog recaps, but what I really enjoy is your writing, your perspective and sense of humor. I’ll definitely be sticking around.

  36. As a fan of your recapes I’m sad. As a fan of yours I’m happy for you. Even though I enjoy them, you said everything that can be said and if after all of this somebody STILL defends the series, then it doesn’t matter what you do. In the end, it was for you and for us and both sides can find new things we will cherish.

    The witch is dead. Let’s have some fun!

    One question, though, will you be doing recaps on other books? I enjoyed Apolonia a lot (at least your posts on it) and the end of all recaps would really make it sad.

  37. Well, I’m pretty impressed that you stuck it through the 50SoG series as long as you did. With E. L.’s tedious writing it must have been a slog.

    Yay for shrugging off negative dead weight, I hope you succeed in cultivating that positivity – and may your efforts reap reward. *toasts*

    I’m so glad that we’ll keep getting Buffy recaps, though. They’re definitely my favourite.

    Keep on being your best self, Jenny! :)

  38. Jenny,

    I have been reading your bloog for three years. I read 50 shades of gray when i was really bored at work and it was cheap on ibooks and everyone was talking about how good it was. It was simple and easy to read so i liked that but small inconsistencies began bothering me so i went to the internet, thinking others had to see the flaws.
    Your blogs were hilarious and on days where i need a laugh or am just really bored i reread them. But i understand the work involved in them. I “sporked” a book by my cousin and it took a lot out of me. So while i am sad that there will be no more 50 shades recaps or Jealous Haters book club i understand this change.
    Besides i really enjoy your Ian and Penny stories so will be stopping by occassionally to check for updates on them.
    Thank you

  39. I am very excited about this turn of events – excited for you and for me. You are one of my heroes – which is weird, maybe, because I’m older than you, but it’s still true. I see a woman who speaks her mind, calls out bullshit, but ALSO shares of herself to help people and is always fighting to be the best version of herself that she can be. I aspire to those things as well. Sometimes I’m not so good at it, but I’ve learned from you that it’s totally okay to not always be good at it. At least I’m trying!

    I’m glad that you’ve been able to give up the Angry Young Man mantle (I could tell it was starting to wear on you) and look forward to whatever is to come. I know it’ll be awesome because YOU are awesome. Onward to new adventures!

  40. Hi Jenny,

    I started reading your blog several years ago when a friend linked me your 50 shades recaps. I arrived looking for mutual loathing, and stayed for your wry humor and joyous appreciation of the ridiculous. Looking forward to whatever comes next!

  41. I’m very, deeply sad about the loss of the Fifty shades posts, because they’ve gotten me through some vicious bouts of depression. I’ve reread them so many times that I can quote whole swaths of them and frequently do, to anyone who dares to engage me in conversation about the series. I can always tell when shit’s getting particularly bad in my brain by how strong my desire is to read your recaps, and once I had read them all and was current with the “Grey” ones, I looked forward to new ones with a similar anticipation to a new book from a favorite author.

    I don’t say any of this to guilt you or berate you or anything like that. I love you and everything you do. I only wanted you to know that the angry young man persona, while it’s outlived its usefulness and that’s so wonderful, has also brought joy and light into the lives of other weird and sad strangers in this weird and sad world. You’ve done a lot of good with it. I have no doubt whatsoever that you’ll continue to do good and bring joy and light, and I’m still sticking around to see what comes next. Thank you for speaking, always, and for writing, and for giving us a voice we desperately need, in whatever form you choose to do that.

    Here’s to bigger and better and more personally fulfilling. :)

    A question, though, if you don’t mind. Are you still going to keep the recap posts on the blog? I assume so, since there are so many of them and they span such a length of time, but I just wanted to be sure.

    1. Chelsea, I just wanted to echo your sentiments. I’m glad Jenny is doing what she needs to for her happiness, but I also took so much joy and comfort from her posts. I’ll admit that I find snark on things I hate funnier than on things I like, because I’m a defensive little snowflake who attaches my ego to things I love (I’ll never stop liking Xander. Yes, even though he’s awful for like 50-80% of the series), but Jenny’s humor and voice isn’t going anywhere, and I look forward to seeing what the future brings.

  42. The 50SoG recaps where what initially drew me to your blog and I’m so glad they did because I am now a huge fan of all your books. After reading The Boss series though, I just didn’t get the same out of the 50SoG recaps. I loved your wit and humor of course but the core material started to depress me and bring out bad memories.

  43. Yet another here who came for the 50SoG recaps and is now tired of them. I love the Buffy recaps, I get excited when I see them, but at some point the 50SoG recaps became just as much of a trudge for us as it was for you, I think. Pop in, more abuse and consent issues, weird phrasing, etc etc. It was just tiring and repetitive because you can only say the same thing so many times, unless you’re ELJ, apparently.

    I do kind of hope that you’ll maybe recap another book the way you did Apolonia though, for what it’s worth. It was still fun because it was a fresh hell, you know? But either way, I’ll still come read the Buffy recaps.

  44. I found you because of 50 shades. I have stuck with you for a few years now, and got so excited when you started doing the Buffy recaps. Every week I check your blog (I have been known to check it a few times a day, depending on how much procrastinating had to be done) and I must admit I stopped reading the Grey recaps a few chapters ago. Not because of your recapping skills, but because it was the same shit all over from James, and I had enough. So I’m not sad you stopped, and I still love and will follow your blog without it.

  45. Hey, I’m just happy that you did them in the first place, so thank you! I wouldn’t wish EL as a nemesis on anyone, so I totally understand why you would give them up. Plus it’s just the same books from Christian’s POV anyway, so like… why bother tbh.

  46. Good for you! I’m glad you’re giving up things that make you unhappy. Yeah, I am going to miss the Fifty Shades recaps, but I guess I can always reread the ones you did write, you know?

    And yeah, I always nursed a hope that you’d recap Tyra Banks’s YA novel Modelland, but I guess I’ll just have to do it myself. It’ll be this years NaNoWriMo project for me. =)

    So good luck with the new direction for the blog! Take care of yourself. I’ll be sure to keep coming here.

    1. Katsuro, let me know if you do! Gotta be honest, I read the preview on Amazon and didn’t find it awful, but I love love LOVE sporkings, so I definitely want a link if you do it!

      Warning, though: Jenny got me doing a chapter-by-chapter recap series of just one book, and it’s exhausting. So if you’ve never done this before, have a support group and lots of caffeine, and don’t beat yourself up if it’s way harder than you thought at first (unless I’m just lazy, which is entirely possible. Blogging in general is tough stuff). It’s a lot of fun, too.

  47. Completely respect and understand this decision. I came for the Buffy re-watch and will be sticking around for that and whatever else you’ve got. I was so terrified, reading this, that you were going to say they were stopping too! Looking forward to your future work.

  48. As someone who has tried to write recaps of books that made me really angry and got too drained to continue before finishing the whole book, I 100% understand this decision and commend you for having gotten as far as you did. There definitely comes a point where it just feels like you’re repeating yourself and it has all the draining impact of riling up the anger but then also feels so pointless… So while I very much enjoyed your Grey recaps and did want to see how bad the book got (and how the reviews impact how the next one is written) I couldn’t in good conscience even suggest you consider continuing.

    I would be curious though to see you tackle something less blatantly problematic and poorly written. I like how you enjoy Buffy but can still point out the problems with it, and I would be interested to see you do that with another book or series. I find those can be infinitely more interesting because it makes you reflect more on every day things and situations. Things that would normally get looked over and missed, you realize ‘shit, have *I* ever done that?’ I recall at one point you talked about fat shaming in Jessica Jones, something I hadn’t at all noticed, but it really made me think.

    …Actually I would love to listen to you talk about Jessica Jones. I mean, I know you’re probably not looking for suggestions, but if you’re ever hard up for something to talk about… XD

    1. I agree… there are a few problems with Jessica Jones (not the least that the character herself is grating and I never really liked Kristen Ritter as an actor – I came for Wil Travel and hope he has many more sex scenes) and if the series does continue it would be an interesting one to recap. Ditto with Game of Thrones. Although yes, it’s set in medieval times when women were treated like absolute crap anyway, some of the tropes used and camerawork, as well as plot devices are hugely problematic. So, just a couple of ideas there.

  49. A friend introduced me to your blog when you began the chapter-by-chapter releases of The Boss. I then found your 50SoG recaps and absolutely loved them. I’ll miss them, but it’s sort of vicarious hate, isn’t it? Certainly not healthy.

    I’m very, very grateful the books/recaps created Sophie and Neil, and Ian and Penny, because I love them so much. You keep doing you, whatever that is. Your fans will keep being there for you.

  50. I found you through your 50 Shades recaps, and they have delighted and pained me (for the original content that is) in equal parts ever since. I wish for my own sake that you were continuing, but I completely understand how having all that negativity be a part of your regular life for so long could be exhausting.

    I really look forward to seeing where you go from here Jenny, and I’m really glad I stumbled into your blog, and then your books.

    You do you :)

    (and I will continue to greatly enjoy the twitter saltiness)

  51. The part I enjoyed most about the “50 Shades” and “Don’t Do This Ever” posts was the advice mixed in – writing tips, ways to interact with the public, and such. It’d be cool if you could find a way to incorporate that some other way, without having to torture yourself with bad books. Perhaps reviews of books you like, as suggested above? Learning by good example seems likely to be just as effective as learning by bad example.

    1. Gretchen, ME, too! The snark was fantastic (don’t get me wrong), but Jenny’s recaps also were a mini-creative writing course.

  52. The 50 Shades recaps led me here, but I fully understand you being fed up with writing them, especially now James has revealed that she is continuing the re-write from Grey’s POV. Enough is enough. I want to thank you for the enormous pleasure I got from reading the recaps because finding them was the beginning of my realisation that there were many, many other people who felt the way I did about those books and I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey with you. I hope you are going to leave them up though so we can re-read when the mood strikes.

    I’m glad you have reached a place where the Angry Young Man suit no longer fits, and I wish you continued success in all aspects of your life. I’m not going anywhere, but I just wanted to say that now.

  53. I first started reading you about halfway through your reviews of the first 50SoG book, I think. I love good snark/mocking and always will– I mean, I have a Mystery Science Theater 3000 tattoo so making fun of bad media is literally in my blood. I’ll really miss them and hope you’ll archive the old ones (more on that below).

    Over time I came to look forward to almost all of your posts, not just the snark. You’re weird like me, and we have a lot of interests in common. When you started the Buffy recaps I was so excited that I just about shat. And we agree on political stuff and both like getting high and watching TV. And I really appreciate your candor when you blog about mental illness.

    So I guess what I’m saying is, I’m gonna keep reading and mostly lurking and generally agreeing with you 92% of the time. You do you like you always do. I like reading it pretty much no matter what.

    Congrats on this milestone!

    PS: Ok, here’s why I’d like to see the 50SoG recaps preserved: during the recaps of the original series, and especially when you really hit your stride around the end of Book 1 or so, you didn’t just provide snark. A lot of those posts had quality information about domestic violence, rape culture, misogyny, you name it. And I usually got a lot out of the comments too. I’d hate to see that stuff disappear. It’s part of your legacy too, not just the snark.

    But that’s just, like, my opinion, man. I also want them back because I reread them when I’m bored at work and need a guaranteed laugh, to be totally honest.)

    1. I agree about the quality information about those important issues. I use Jenny’s recaps as a reference source, not just for the entertaining snark.

  54. I came for the FSoG recaps and I started watching Buffy specifically because I started reading your recaps (thanks btw). I love reading your blog. You do some fun stuff. Your FSoG stuff is great but lord is ELJames boring. I totally don’t blame you for stopping. I love reading your reviews of stuff and if you ever wanted to write reviews of books you read and liked I would read the hell out of them. New reading recommendations are awesome! I will read your Buffy recaps. I will read your happy posts about Billy Joel. You have an awesome blog. Keep on keeping on.

  55. I’m another one who found you by the recaps. Stayed when The Boss showed up (I still force my friends to read it) and will be staying for whatever road you decide to go down. You’re a genuine funny lovable woman, who has given me such a great time. Girl crush without the weird. Clapped for real when I read you decided not to continue with the Angry. You’re better than that. I’m staying. That’s my chair (points randomly to a corner) and I’m kicking anyone who sits in my chair in the ass. Pass the wine and weed. Let’s get high and watch weird stuff. Love you Jenn.

  56. I’m happy for you and I hope this is a satisfying direction for you and your blog that makes you even happier. You’re hilarious and insightful and I sure don’t need your anger to keep me coming back here, so I’ll keep reading. Mostly lurking, but reading.

    I recently had my own “don’t want to be known as the angry young man” moment and it felt like waking up from a very long, very exhausting dream. It’s a good feeling. Again, I’m thrilled for you. Bring on Buffy and True Blood recaps!

  57. I found your blog through the 50 Shades recaps but I enjoy everything you write so I’m definitely sticking around. I’m glad for you that you’re making a change you’re happy with!

  58. Yay, for lancing that third boil. And for more Buffy!

    I came for the 50 Shades snark, but I stayed for your wonderful voice and point of view. All the better that you’ll be using your voice on things you (and I!) love.

    Thank you for the past. Thank you for the future. Be well.

  59. I have to admit I’m one of those who would never found you as an author if it hadn’t been for the 50 shades recaps and I really hate that, because I have thoroughly enjoyed everything that I’ve read that you’ve written, from fiction, to all the various blog posts, to your random Tweets.

    So I’m not going anywhere.

    TBH, I was reading the POV recaps more out of devotion to YOU and the fact that I know if you wrote it, I’ll find it amusing, more than any desire to actually read more ELJ recaps.

    I basically see this announcement as meaning more time for original Jenny material and I am all about that.

    Keep on doing you, Jenny.

    Much love, hugs, ‘n all that shit.

  60. PS – I’m also really glad you aren’t announcing that you’re retiring the blog altogether. I was really scared that was what was going to come after the hiatus. I would have understood if you had, but I am so very glad that you aren’t.

  61. I originally found your blog from the Buffy recaps and enjoy your novels. I stopped reading the 50 Shades posts a while ago so will not miss those. Do what feels right, I’ll keep reading.

  62. You’re so incredibly funny when you do the 50 recaps, well the originals. These new ones had less and less humor and became hard to read because they were more discussion and less ripping on terrible writing. I’m glad you’re moving on, I’m glad the weights been lifted, I hope you continue to find great joy.

  63. I came for Grey, stayed for everything else. It’s really easy to become what you focus on; I’ve been there and done that. Life is too short for that. Good on you for making the change you needed, and I’ll be here to read your hilarious posts and rewatch recaps.

  64. This really warms my heart. Your 50SoG recaps were very important to me when they first started because it helped me think a lot more critically about what media we consume, especially as women, and that was a pretty important turning point for me. It ended up making me a much more thoughtful person and I’ll never not be grateful for that. But as much as I enjoy them still, I don’t need them over your happiness and mental well-being. Those and the “Don’t Do This Ever” posts may have been two of my favorite categories of yours, but I come here for you and your voice and those posts were never all you were. I look forward to what you do with the blog next.

  65. I loved the 50 Shades of Grey recaps, especially those from the original trilogy. They were great and insightful and more than once they made me laugh so hard it hurt. I’m really glad you wrote them.

    And, that being said, I’m also glad you’re stopping, because I don’t actually want people who’ve brought me joy (and helped to get me through some pretty hard times in the process) to do things that make them unhappy. I will continue revisiting the older recaps from time to time and being amused by them, and that’s cool. I will also continue reading whatever you blog about going forward, and that’s cool too. I don’t doubt for a minute that it will be entertaining in its own right.

    (I admit that I do hope you’ll still find less anger-inducing things to snark about here from time to time. Truth be told, I looked forward to Apollonia recaps much more than Grey ones, because the former was mostly just “this book is amusingly badly written” while the latter was “this book is a deeply depressing endorsement of abuse, and also it’s badly written.” I would love it if you found some other non-depressingly bad books to recap, but if you don’t? That’s still cool. You don’t owe me or anyone else snarky recaps just because you’re good at snarky recaps. I’m good at baking pies, but that doesn’t mean I have to bake pies for everyone who wants a pie if I don’t feel like baking pies. I can bake cakes instead. Or I can bake nothing at all and just go fly a kite or something. Fly your metaphorical kite! Or your literal kite, if you want to!)

    …okay, so, this is super random, but my last few sentences just reminded me of this song, and I feel like you and other readers here might enjoy it:

    (Note to anyone thinking of following that link without headphones: the lyrics are very, very NSFW. You have been warned.)

  66. I say good riddance to bad rubbish when it comes to 50Shades and moving forward. I think it was starting to get stale for the spectators too. Not that we were forcing ourselves to come here and read about it or anything, but recapping the same material and it being soul numbingly worse much like what is going on in the real world really is not the best train of thought to be riding on for sure. It’s kind of a relief for me in a way too. I am definitely looking forward to more Buffy recaps and whatever other fun stuff you come up with. Those have been more exciting for me since I’ve been a fan of the series and I know it has its foibles. It’s more of a fun exercise to read and think about. Anyway I’m really tired and done rambling now. I’m happy for you and excited for your new directions! Much love from a longtime fan. ;)

  67. Your 50 shades recaps got me through a year of breast feeding and sleepless nights with my first baby, so I’ll always have some nostalgia. Your Buffy recaps were my saviour with baby #2!
    As I’ve stayed I’ve come to love your writing on all aspects of pop culture, current events, social dynamics. What ever you enjoy writing about and want to blog about, I’ll be here enjoying, thinking, cheering.

  68. I’m sorry, I haven’t scrolled through the 77 comments so maybe this already has been said, but:
    I’m a writer and one of the things I loved about your posts was that it made me more conscious of my own writing: style, prejudices towards and portrayal of characters, plotholes, etc. etc. I mean, even my boyfriend, who hasn’t read your blog, sometimes screams “WORDS MEAN THINGS” to the tv or to a book because he heard me laugh about that sentence so many times. It has become a household expression.

    And you weren’t smug about it, either. You’ve admitted so many times that there were certain mistakes you’d made in earlier writing. This post will be way too long if I would explain to you how much it all meant to me, but believe me, reading you has been incredibly important to my own way of writing, but to my own ways of thinking even.

    So, for my own sake, I do hope that you will continue writing about writing. I feel sad that you’re quitting FSoMS, but fuck that. We already know it’s shit anyways. So good for you!

    Wishing you all the best!

  69. Hi Jenny,
    I too first found out about this blog from the 50SoG and I too plan on sticking around afterwards, just because your writing is amazing. I understand that this type of project might be draining – I personally would get so frustrated over going over the same issues again and again and, oh look! YET AGAIN! I just wanted you to know that your recaps really helped a lot of people change their points of view concerning consent. Everytime a friend of mine would gush over how hot 50SoG was, my friends and I would direct them to your blog and discussions would ensue (I know this might sound patronising but your blog really explained it much better than I ever could). You can’t stop a person from enjoying something but at least they might become aware of just how problematic it is, and your blog and your writing style did just that. So yes, I understand why the angry persona might be exhausting but I just wanted to add my voice to those sharing their experience of how your recaps really made a difference.
    Having said that, I’m also super-supportive of you giving up that scene for something you really love doing, but I really hope the recaps will stay up.

  70. Hi Jenny,

    I initially came here for your 50 Shades posts, but there’s so much more to enjoy that I will definitely be sticking around. You rock!

  71. I’m glad you stopped the Grey recaps, they just got too depressing to read. They felt more like some kind of obligation and a chore, which is not good to read and to write. Plus given the state of American politics, everything feels just so toxic and tainted with ugliness, that the Grey recaps were less about writing/plot/story critique and just another reminder that we live in a crappy world, and I’m tired of feeling that way.

  72. Hi,
    as many others I discovered your blog through 50 Shades Recaps. I enjoyed them very much and they (as well as your other posts that I came to enjoy soon after) helped me form new ideas (mainly) about feminism, that I couldn’t quite get on my own. In that you helped me grow and I’m very grateful for it (though I never quite found the courage in myself to comment to thank you earlier). But I would never want to read them again if they’re bad for you. And I really hope that those changes you’re making will be very good for you and make you happy (or at least happier)! And I’ll continue to read your posts with interest. :)

  73. I found your blog trough Merlin Club, I think. Via Bronwyn’s blog at least. And you wrote all these great things. The recaps and everything else, basically. I’m definitly staying and I’m very happy for you. I think you’re brave for stopping in the middle of the book, too. No “to the end of this one and no more” just letting go now while you’re already letting go of shit. And sure, I was disapointed first, but that’s my problem and me being imature. It’s not on you. Reading the post and the comments made me see what a really great thing this is, not just grudgingly admitting that of course you don’t have to suffer through any more if you don’t want to.

  74. I look forward to reading the new direction of the blog. I am another person that found your blog due to 50SoG. I love the recaps, but I was hoping you would stop after Grey anyways because we already know the story, and we only needed the one book from Chedward’s point of view to prove that EL James really doesn’t understand any of the original critics of the series. Plus I would love more Buffy recaps instead.

    I would request that if it won’t affect your headspace negatively, it would be great if you left the 50SoG archive up on the blog. It represents a massive amount of work on your part, and I still like recommending it to people that while they don’t love the books, also just don’t understand the criticism of them either.

    You had once mentioned doing recaps of one of your older books. Do you still have any interest in doing that? I’m not a writer myself, but I think it would both super interesting and incredibly helpful for all your writer followers to read about your process and to see how your growth as a writer affects your viewing of your work.

  75. I totally understand this decision– the FSOG posts did seem like they were becoming a slog for you. And, while they were quite funny, they also were kind of depressing.

    One thing I did really love about the “Don’t Ever Do This” posts was just the advice on professionalism in the field, much like I appreciated the notes on the FSOG posts that explained what separates good writing from poor writing. I learned a lot from these posts, so I hope you can repackage that theme in a more positive way, because I really enjoyed them (I am not a fiction writer, I am a science writer, but I still found these posts really fascinating and inspiring!)

    I will admit that I don’t watch the shows you recap, so if that is the limit of your posts, I probably will stop coming at some point. So, I really hope you find some ways to write about writing. But if not, thank you for the years of enjoyment you’ve provided me with!

  76. Well, I found your blog because I was mystified why people were calling Jennifer Lawrence “fat,” and when I typed whatever search term into the Google search bar, a blog post you wrote popped up. I liked your writing style. Then I saw your “Big Damn Buffy Rewatch,” and that’s why I stayed, because Buffy is my guilty pleasure and I enjoyed your insights into a program I’ve watched through many times.

    I never read the Grey books, I’m more of a horror/historical fiction genre buff. But I owe you a debt of gratitude for recapping them, so I could know the story without having to assault my eyeballs and sense of outrage by reading it myself. I confess I’ll miss them, but I think I’ll get over that.

    You be you, Jenny. I enjoy reading your blog, even if I don’t always agree with you. I’m looking forward to what you’ll do next.

  77. Yay! Good for you! I’m so happy for you! I’m at exactly the same place in my life right now, so this feels like just another sign for me. And positivity is just as interesting and important as the Angry Young Man. And your writings will always be interesting because you’re a good writer and you make anything funny. You just have a way with words, lady!
    Lots of love from The Netherlands

  78. More love! I found you through 50 Shades as well (from Nella Reads, I believe, a Tiger’s Curse sporking that has since disappeared, because I’m addicted to read-alongs), and while I’ll miss the chapter-by-chapter evisceration, I completely understand why that wouldn’t be worth doing anymore. Honestly, I couldn’t be more impressed that you managed to be just as funny (in my opinion) in the last chapter of Grey as the first of 50 Shades; in addition to all of your other brilliant writing, keeping up that voice and humor over such a prolonged period of time shows how talented and dedicated you are. I’m sad that the series won’t be completed — at least, not here — but your other work is going to be just as entertaining, and I look forward to reading it.

    Also thrilled to see the complete lack of negativity in these comments! I knew Trout Nation was awesome, but it’s heartwarming to see such an outpouring of support.

  79. While I will miss reading you shit on Grey, I was honestly surprised you decided to do it after the torture of the original trilogy.

    I love your writing and I will continue to look forward to your blog posts. I just wanted to let you know that your original 50 shades breakdowns were some of the best real world feminist education I’ve ever received. I’ve enjoyed other parts of your blog as well (love your Buffy posts) I look forward to seeing what you’ll be writing about next. :)

  80. Hugs! I understand about Grey. Seeing into that psycho mind reminded me too much of an ex . Glad that you will be working on stuff you enjoy. Love the Buffy recaps and watch alongs, perhaps more Joelism is in order?

  81. So heartwarming to see such an outpouring of support for an author who, in my view, is one of the funniest, smartest and selfless writers I’ve ever read. I came to Jenny’s blog a couple of years ago on the insistence of a former friend and fellow-hater of FSoG. I’d been reading Twilight sporks by das_mervin, which were just as entertaining and enlightening, but the main problem I found with mervin was that she was channelling ALL her energies into hating Twilight/FSoG and wasn’t producing anything original of her own, and when I pointed that out she turned on me, accusing me of being a Twi-hard in disguise. Jenny on the other hand is a fantastic and prolific writer whose POV is so often right in line with mine, particularly in her scathing attack on EL James’ writing (and I use the term very loosely). I will reiterate what others have said before me, though, Jenny, when I tell you that it did seem as though you were slogging through Midnight Sun and I’m glad you decided to quit when you did. Your fans will be with you through thick and thin, and no doubt this decision will free you up to write even more fantastic fiction of your own (and also more Buffy recaps). You go, girl! You’re brilliant.

  82. Billy Joel just started playing on my Pandora, no joke.
    Like so many others, I came for the 50SOG recaps and stayed for Buffy and Don’t Do This Ever. I often reread the 50SOG recaps, so I hope you’ll keep them up. Don’t Do This Ever taught me to be a better writer in some ways, and overall a better person. I sat there going, “I don’t do that. I would -never- do that. Ugh, I used to be like that,” and in a rare instance, “Oh no! I could see myself thinking that’s a good idea, if I was angry.”
    I will stubbornly hang around and stubbornly lurk.
    You’re awesome and I’m excited for everything you have next.

  83. Long and short of it:
    Good for you.
    In every possible way: Great Job, getting rid of toxicity and emotional baggage is hard. It is great whenever anyone manages to do it. Wish you the best. Will keep visiting the site for buffy recaps and whatever you might do in the future.
    I appreciated the Don’t Do This posts but I can deffinitely see how you’ve moved past them
    and I won’t mourn the 50 recaps. The OS is great, following the rest of ELJ’s opus is unnecessary

  84. I loved, loved, loved your 50 recaps. They helped me get through paramedic school. I became overly excited when a new one would pop up and would savor it slowly, often times rereading them. Your wit and sparkling dialog has drawn me back again and again. I’m sad to see these particular posts go, but it makes sense and seems like the next healthy step. Cheers and I’ll be coming back for many other awesome posts.

  85. I never read the 50 Shades recap. I refuse to read her books so I stay away from them. I came here after reading the Blood Ties series. I stay for your humor. I met you in Vegas last year and I think you are awesome. I will be here even you just post about Buffy and True Blood. I just love your humor. When I come here I feel like I am visiting a friend.

  86. I came for your Fifty Recaps, but I stayed for Neil and Sophie, who quickly became my favorite couple of all time. I’m so glad you’re still continuing your blog, and I’m excited to keep following it on its new path!

  87. I feel a gnawing sense of “unfinished”, I’ll be honest, haha~

    But it really is all a re-hash in the end and if I want to enjoy some 50 Shades rage, I can always reread your old re-caps.

    I’ve come to enjoy some other posts of yours and I’m sure this is merely “closing a door” only in the sense that you’re opening a different one. Cheers, Jen!

  88. Hey Jenny,
    Came for 50SoG, stayed for you and your Voice!
    Your recaps helped me understand what happened in my first relationship 15 years ago and finally I was able to use that knowledge to get out of an even unhealthier one.
    So First: thank you for everything you said and explained about psychological emotional abuse, in recaps or elsewhere. It helped me so so much!

    your posts about your mental health issues were usually at times when I struggled myself, so thank you (Second) for sharing those times with us!
    Good for you to leave the Angry Young Man behind, good for us that you keep blogging! :) I’m excited for the things that come!

    Hugs from Germany,

  89. I have to say I was so relieved when you said you were keeping the Buffy recaps, I’m really enjoying them (even if they do make me look at something I adore with freshly critical eyes – or perhaps especially).

    I’ll echo a few other posters with the fact that I really loved the advice about bad writing that cropped up in some of the 50SoG recaps, and again in Appalonia, so I do hope they’ll sneak into other posts too.

    But ultimately I wanted to say good for you. I won’t be going anywhere.

  90. Honestly I’m impressed you stuck with 50sog as long as you did! I don’t blame you at all for wanting to drop it and move on. They were funny and all, but one of the things I really got out of them was the writing criticism, same with Apolonia. I really liked reading some of those tips. I follow you in feedly, so I was able to read the toxic friendship story to the end, and I absolutely get your desire to put all of that negativity behind you! Reading your blog has made me feel a lot of things…angry at the 50sog phenomenon, hopeful that I could write myself someday, really super glad for the boss series (which i recommend often) and like i can be critical even of stuff i like. I’m so glad you’re continuing true blood though, it’s becoming a weekly ritual for me, “vampire Tuesday!” (I catch up on Buffy recaps too!) Your blog and your voice are unique, and I’m just glad you’re still here! I’m also one of those that feels like we’d be friends in real life!

    One other thing, i really enjoy reading your feminist stuff, and i think you’re one of the better voices of feminism out there, so if you are taking suggestions (no judgement if you don’t!) Please continue those kinds of observations!

  91. I came for your Voice of Reason against complete and utter garbage, and stayed because I fell in love with your writing! <3 Please, whatever you do, do not stop writing! Please continue to bring us smart, funny, heart-touching characters that seem to exist your incredible mind just waiting to get into text and into my hands! Be the best self you can be, for yourself, and know that you have earned the respect and admiration of many of us who will most certainly continue to follow your work, wherever it takes you. Blessed Be!

  92. Completely understand the rape culture fatigue, Jenny. Feeling it myself. Ever since I started saying “Christian Grey = Donald Trump, but not hot” to try to point out the problems with FSOG and the Alpha billionaire trope, I’ve been angry. But this election has just about broken me. So FWIW, you aren’t alone in that at all, as the comments here will show.

    But that doesn’t mean I’m not downloading all of your recaps to save, just in case you decide to delete them from here. You’ve made me a better Romance writer and a better feminist for having done them, so thank you. You’ve helped more people than you know, in fact.


  93. I mainly came to read your Don’t Do This Ever posts because I found your deconstructions and analyses insightful (even when I disagreed with you) and appreciated your social justice lens because social justice (and anti-racism, anti-sexism, etc) is important to me. That said, though I’ll be sorry to get to read less of those posts from you, I understand the fatigue and respect your decision. Life is short and one must pick and choose one’s battles. That’s something I’ve been learning to do as well. I wish you well.

  94. I don’t blame you one bit. I was skimming your recraps so I could avoid the Eel quotes and just read your snark, so I can only guess what it was like for you to have to read the whole thing.

  95. I’ll miss the recaps but like everybody says, you’ve done the hard yards getting through the first three and it’s been getting increasingly obvious as you got further and further into ‘Grey’ that you really really REALLY did not want to be doing this again. So thank you for everything, and you have been invaluable, and whilst I came for the recaps in the first place, I stayed for Jenny and I’ll keep my place at the table.

  96. As so many others have said, I found you through the recaps but have stayed for everything else. I’ll miss the recaps, but I’m glad you’re in a better headspace and that’s the important thing!

    I just have one request…if it’s not too much work…could all the 50 Shades recaps somehow be tagged and gathered in a folder so we can find them again if we want to? (My apologies if this has already been done–I haven’t found it on mobile).

  97. Hey Jenny!

    I found you through mutual rage at 50SoG and I stayed for the unique, humorous and endlessly creative voice you bring to your books and your other blog posts. I’ll miss the ‘don’t do this ever’ but I completely understand wanting to excise the negativity from your life. I won’t miss the Grey recaps. I think you said what you needed to say with the 50SoG recaps. Plus you deserve so much better than to have that trash lurking in your life for all the rest of eternity.

    As for me, I’m a life time fan. As long as you have a blog or books, I’ll read them.

  98. I really appreciate the original recaps, because a) they’re hilarious and b) they enabled me to discuss 50 Shades intelligently without reading that shitty, shitty book. But I can definitely see how doing them would wear you down after awhile, especially starting all over with Grey. That sounds exhausting. I totally understand how you wouldn’t want to do it anymore. I’m sticking around. I like all of your writing, and the Buffy recaps are my favorite–I’m glad they’re not going anywhere. I also like when you talk about Michigan. Is that weird?

  99. Please don’t ever feel like you’re abandoning your readers by ending your 50 Shades recaps. I found your blog accidentally way back before your move to blogger and migration to wordpress. I read somewhere that entire passages and paragraphs of 50SoG were lifted from Twilight and was trying to find more information on that when I stumbled onto your recaps and have been hooked since then. Your recaps confirmed what I’ve been telling myself all along in regards to relationships — that it’s better to invest time in yourself then waste time on a guy who I feel indifferent about just because society deems it weird/unacceptable/a waste a youth for a young woman to be single in her teens/twenties. You’ve also made me a lot more critical of the type of relationship the media keeps shoving down our throats to ship and how hypocritical a lot these self-proclaimed feminists are (eg. vocal about the movement, but tearing down other women for superficial reasons). I sincerely thank you for that.

    In a lot of ways, I’m still figuring out how to navigate this world as a woman but your wisdom has helped me realize that there is nothing wrong to having standards when it comes to respecting people and expecting the same amount of respect in return. There is a difference between accepting a person’s flaws, versus putting up with it because it’s “the right thing to do”/”you need to do this if you’re a good ___”. I think in certain situations it’s hard to remember where your boundaries are but I’ve learned about a lot about my own from reading your recaps. I’ve cut off a few people from my life in the last 3 years or so in realizing that certain people are just not worth keeping no matter how long I’ve known them. If a person is an inconsiderable sack of garbage, no amount of justifying their reasons in my head will change the fact that they can’t/refuse to see anything else outside their entitlement. I deserve better than that, and I thank you for remind me of this (indirectly) with your recaps.

    That said, I wholeheartedly support you stopping these soul-sucking recaps. I think there was a point in the second(?) book where it seems like you were getting drained by it all but in too deep to stop so I was surprised when you decided doing recaps for Christian’s POV. Don’t feel obligated to do them if they’re slowly killing you. It’s undisputable at this point that Grey is an abusive asshat, nothing in the upcoming chapters will change that so please, for the love of your mental health, DO NOT FEEL BAD FOR BEING DONE WITH THIS ENTIRE SHITFEST.

    Your dedicated readers just want good things for you.

    1. Oh, I forgot to mention that I love your Buffy recaps and that Xander has always grated teenage me, but I never really knew why, but watching it as an adult it’s extremely evident that Xander’s a horrible character who never gets called out for anything, not even after what he did to Anya. That’s messed up.

  100. All I can say is that if you want to step away from the hideous, unrelenting train-wrecks that are the FSoG books, then you damn well should!

    You’re a wonderfully engaging writer, and I’m happy to read whatever you put up. I’ve no doubt that you will continue to make me chortle dementedly to myself, whatever the topic!

    Also, I’m SOOOOOO glad you’re keeping the buffy recaps. Hooray!
    On that note, here are some adorable Giles, Spike, and Oz screencaps for you =o)

  101. I’ll admit, I probably won’t visit this blog AS often as I was before because my thing was reading your recaps of the horrible books. I don’t care about True Blood, and I skim the Buffy recaps just to see parts I might have forgotten after all this time. But you have to do what’s right for you, and that is way more important than blog hits from some random girl in Texas. :) I’ll never fully leave, though. You’ve given me Neil and Sophie and Ian and Penny and that’s worth remembering to stop by once or twice a week. <3

  102. I honestly got to the point where I wasn’t even enjoying the 50SOG posts anymore. I think it was because this new book is just like the first book, only worse. I know that is because the book is just a retelling of the story from Christian’s point of view, which in and of itself I thought was repetitive and unnecessarily dull.

    I’m glad there will still be Buffy recaps. I’m enjoying those. Haven’t been watching along with True Blood, partly because I dislike the show and partly because I don’t have decent enough internet to watch videos.

    Just curious, is this also the end of the jealous haters book club? I was enjoying that. I also was taking writing tips on what not to do.

  103. I’m a lurker, been reading for a few years. I came for the 50 shades recaps because they were hilarious…though progressively more depressing as the story did it’s thing. However, I did stay because of everything else because you’re an awesome writer and I enjoy your style. The Buffy recaps have been awesome and though I don’t watch along on the true blood as it’s too hard to sync it up and hard to have the sound of your voice and the show not compete to much (rubbish laptop speakers). Either way, I’ll still be here, and I’ve actually followed you on Instagram because of that mushroom post, lol. I hope this is time of healing continues and your able to maintain your best you.

  104. I was drawn in by the 50 Shades recaps, but I’m sticking around for the Buffy recaps :P It’s way more interesting to see someone pick at the flaws of something they honestly love than something they hate anyway.

    So basically I think you’re great and I hope this new blog direction will be more comfortable for you. And if we start getting more frequent Buffy recaps that’ll just be a sweet bonus. :)

  105. Jenny– I’m really happy for you! I understand what you mean and I’m glad you’re feeling relief over letting go of some things that were holding onto you too tightly. I’ll definitely stay for all of your other awesomeness :)

  106. Late to the party but I’m just going to echo the sentiment many others have expressed here–I came for the 50sog recaps but stayed for you. As someone who’s done a fair share of recaps of things i dislike, I understand exactly how you feel. It’s cathartic at first but after a point, it starts to stagnate because there are only so many times you can keep saying the same things over and over. And considering Grey is the same shit, diff viewpoint, there isn’t much more to say about it. I am really enjoying the Buffy recaps and am glad you’re going to keep doing them! I do hope you keep the old 50sog recaps up though, because they’re fun to reread once in a while for the lulz.

  107. I’m glad that you’re no longer recapping Grey as I could tell you just weren’t having fun anymore, and fun was what I liked about the recaps.

    That said, yeah, they were the only reason I visited your blog. So while I might not be back I admire your courage.

    Good luck to you and I hope to see your novels in a bookshop near me soon!

  108. Can I go ahead and be the one petty biotch here and say I really wish I’d made it back under the wire to read the rest of your gossip posts about that lady who did you wrong? I was wholeheartedly loving those, got busy and hadn’t checked back in months, remembered them yesterday, and poured myself a huge glass of wine today to jump in and catch up on them.
    Damn it!!

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