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Month: December 2006

Dude, my house is effed up.

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Well, it’s New Year’s Eve, I’ve got a last resort party happening here at about 8pm, and my house is all effed up. Bad. I know I have to clean– unless I use my awesome brilliantness to think up a way to make washing the dishes a hip new party game– and I have to go the grocery store and make some munchies (nothin’ says lovin’ like store bought taquitos), but I can’t bring myself to get off the couch. I just want to be lazy and watch E! and VH1 because you KNOW they’re going to be rerunning those addictive countdown shows today, but alas, I must do SOMETHING so my house doesn’t smell like last night’s dinner when folk get here.

The good news is, 2006 is almost over. Yeah, it was a good year (first book dance, woot), but it’s no where near as good as next year will be, because next year I’ve TWO books coming out. That’s right, not one, but TWO. I’m excited, and I can’t wait.

I can only imagine how exciting it will be when I can afford to replace myself with a robotic version of myself and I can put out like, four books a year. You know, like what happened with Nora Roberts. Or should I say, “like what happened with Norabot 4000”?

Shake N’ Bake

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Welcome, lucky reader, to the inagural post of my new blog.

Let me break it down: at the urging of some friends who apparently have all the time in the freaking world to capture and tame and lovingly pet the beast know as, I made an account there. And because it is the world’s most time-wastingest, complicated blog/email/bulletin board/etc. monstrosity to ever be expelled from the very bowels of hell, I’ve yet to learn how to use it properly. I go, I add people to my friends list who are brighter than me and have figured out how to manuever around the site and I glare at Tom’s smiling face.

If you’ve never been to MySpace, “Tom” is the generic starter friend you get when you first sign up to the site. I don’t know what his function is, but the user pic is of a smug bastard who clearly knows how to use MySpace better than I do. I despise him.

After failing to be a hip young person and get in on all the MySpace fun, I just made a LiveJournal for myself. LiveJournal is simple. It’s friendly, easy to use and, unfortunately, sort of exclusive to LJ users. If you don’t have an LJ, you probably either won’t find it or won’t want to deal with getting an account so you can post a comment that isn’t labelled just “Anonymous.” Or however you spell it.

I should, at this point, warn potential readers that I am an abysmal speller, so if that sort of thing makes you crazy, well, it was lovely to meet you, because I don’t use spellcheck.

In any case, I’ve decided to make this, my third blog– because two weren’t enough and four is too many– which is more accessible and customizable and junk.

I might try to make the same posts to all three. I might not. Variety is the spice of life.

And this blog won’t always be about writing or when the next book is coming out or whatever. I’m very flakey and unfocused, and my entries will probably reflect that.

In the meantime, Peace Out.