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Day: June 3, 2016

Let’s Get High And Watch The Craft!

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Hey everybody! You may recall that to celebrate Valentine’s day, I got high and recorded a Fifty Shades of Grey DVD-commentary style track that you could put on while watching the movie, and I make snarky little comments, etc. And some people liked that, so I decided that I would do it again. And then I was like, maybe I’ll do it more than once. So, today I offer you, perhaps for your Friday night viewing pleasure:


The Craft movie poster, with four goth girls in Catholic school skirts walking in front of lightning.

That’s right, dear readers. I rolled three joints and took a trip down memory lane. If you join me up on this journey (cannabis optional), you’ll get to experience such Trout-household hits as “Jenny trails off mid-sentence as she tries to remember which movie she’s seen that person in before” and “Jenny confuses all the 90’s teen movies with Scream“. You’ll also hear me arguing with my grouchy old man dog (I think he barks twice toward the end of the movie, once where the bugs and shit are crawling all over the house, and the other during the very last scene), and the plaintive whining of my youngest dog, who got locked out of my office.

You’ll also get to enjoy the maddening click of my thirsty rat drinking almost an entire water bottle, because the only time that little fucker gets thirsty is when…you know what? I just realized why he might get that thirsty only at certain times.

Carry on.

You can download the .mp3 here. Hit play just after the Columbia Pictures music ends.

Is there a particular movie you’d like to watch with me via the magic of doing this? Leave it in the suggestion box. I can’t promise I’ll do all of them, but I’ll definitely do some.