The Doctor Wishes The Author Happy Birthday!

Now, you may not have picked up on this (because I’m so subtle about it), but I love Doctor Who just a teensy little bit.

Me, wearing an ugly sweater with a dog on it, showing off fresh knuckle tattoos that spell out "Time Lady"

So much so that, in addiction to mutilating myself in tribute, I also legally changed one of my middle names to Gallifrey, the Doctor’s home planet.

Friday was my birthday, and my friend Petra (who comments on this blog, you’ve probably seen her around) and her son, Connor (who know of my love for The Doctor) had a connection who could make my entire birthday:

When I first saw this in my Twitter DMs, I was like, “Oh, cool, Petra sent me a video of Peter Capaldi.”

Then he said my NAME.

The screaming, the shouting, the running around. Everything was high pitched. It was beautiful.

So, first of all, I’m going to say that Peter Capaldi? Is a freaking stand-up guy. He didn’t have to do this. He was at work, he had other things on his mind. But he did it anyway, for a fan. That’s how much he cares about Whovians. He had the opportunity to make a stranger who loves his show happy. What a great dude.

Second, how awesome are Petra and Connor and their super secret connection? The super secret connection, by the way, was a guy who was nervous to approach Capaldi in the first place, so big hugs and thank yous to that guy, too.

This was one of the most thoughtful birthday surprises ever, and I’ve only watched it about a billion times. The best part? He says I went to the Academy. So, basically, I’m an official Time Lady. I’m insisting this is canon. Fight me.

You can all refer to me as The Author now.

29 thoughts on “The Doctor Wishes The Author Happy Birthday!

  1. I’ve never actually seen Doctor Who (don’t shoot me!!) but that is one of the coolest things ever! Happy birthday.

    (Also, happy birthday! XXX)
    P.S. Doesn’t “Many Happy Returns” also have a deeper meaning when you’re a Time Lady? Regeneration being a thing y’all do and all…? :)

  3. How do you know you’re a most excellent person? When your friends turn out to be most excellent as well. Petra and Connor are awesome! So, of course, is Capaldi. Happy Birthday, Jenny! What a sweet gift.

  4. HOLY FUCK SHIT! That’s awesome! I’d be running around Kermit-flailing til I died of exhaustion and regenerated. I’m glad you have slightly more restraint. And remember, don’t be lasagna!

  5. Aw that’s so sweet. Peter Capaldi is freaking awesome. Now I know he’s a great guy as well as an outstanding actor. Happy birthday!

  6. This calls for an OMG: OMG! This is awesome! Such a nice thing for Peter Capaldi to do and such a fantastic gift for you. Happy birthday!


    THAT’S SO AMAZING!!!! happy late birthday, Author!!

  8. That is pure awesome sauce. (Happy belated Birthday, by the way! May this year be better than the one before)

  9. I never commented here but have read all of your articles on the very day they are published for something like a year or so.
    So first: happy birthday !
    And second: You had 2 kids, which means that for 18 months you had 2 hearts inside of you, soooo… you WERE a biologically accurate time lady!

  10. Awwww, this is fantastic. And adorable. Thank you for sharing this and your joy, Jenny, and above all a very happy belated birthday! :)))

  11. Holy shit, this was you?!! My friend works at the venue they were filming at, (he’s not a Who fan but knows I am) and told me about Peter Capaldi recording an in-character birthday message for someone, mentioned the “Time Lady” tattoo and middle name change, but I only just saw this post and realised it was you he was talking about! Am so thrilled for you!!!

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