True Blood Oops Day

Hey there everybody! Because of some circumstances that were not great, I didn’t get a chance to record a True Blood Tuesday track. It’ll be back next week, I promise!

3 thoughts on “True Blood Oops Day

  1. While we thirst in the desert of this week with no True Blood, something occurred to me to pose to the group. Maybe it was covered in an earlier recap, but here it is:
    If Jason and Amy get their minds trippaliciously BLOWN from a drop or two of V on their tongues (and Jason loses his ever loving shit after drinking a 2-dram vial of it), why is Sookie just slightly more sensitive to stuff after drinking Bill’s blood to heal? She continues to go about her day, finding long-lost crackers under the couch and shit in her typically bubbly-Sookie way. I seem to recall she’s horny, but not Jason-furiously-masturbating-until-blisters-form horny.

    1. That’s an interesting question. Maybe they reacted differently because of their genetics (no spoilers). Or, maybe because one consumed V in attempt to heal and return to status quo, whereas one was already status quo when he took the V.

      1. I like where your head’s at on the genetics! We’ll have to see if any other [redacted]s drink vamp blood or do V and how they react!

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