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True Blood Twwwendnesday? S02E03 “Scratches”

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I explain why I forgot True Blood Tuesday this week in the audio. Which you can download here. Just do that, then start it playing when the HBO logo and sound fade out.

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  1. Julia Wickholm
    Julia Wickholm

    In no way is this related to this blog post but I just had to write and ask, have you listened to the glorious gem that is My Dad Wrote A Porno????

    September 22, 2016
  2. Earthed Angel
    Earthed Angel

    So much to talk about!
    I love how sweet HOYT FORTENBERRY! is and how adorable he and Jessica are together. He is the perfect first boyfriend for her.
    I’d be down for Maryann’s kind of parties, too, but I think what bothers Tara isn’t the sexual freedom and the hedonism so much as the loss of control. It’s scary for her given her history, but I think it would also be alarming to see people act soooo out of character, which is only exacerbated as the season goes on. I wish they hadn’t made Tara out to be jealous, because she didn’t look jealous as she was leaving the hot tub. She barely even looked at Eggs. It was the vibe of the party that bothered her, not the specific instance of the naked girl with Eggs.
    Speaking of Eggs, I agree that his character seems a little thin. I can’t remember what exactly happens to him on the show, but his character plays like Maryann either conjured him as wish-fulfillment for Tara to keep her there, or maybe massaged his personality and/or appearance to be so. In that way, his weak characterization makes sense. (This may all be proved wrong as we watch-along.)
    I think this is the first episode where you haven’t said something explosively derisive or exasperated about Sam Merlotte, so allow me to carry the torch: Sam is such an asshole that he yells at one employee and makes her cry and another employee remarks that he’s uncharacteristically not-an-asshole to her lol. Also ew with the zooming in on Sookie’s picture as he LICKS HIS LIPS while considering leaving town.
    Home-schooling, wow! I’ve considered it but I don’t feel like I’m responsible enough to be in charge of my kids’ educations. That is such a big, scary step that I admire anyone who’s willing to try. I struggle with knowing whether I’m making the best choices for them and for us as a family, as I think every parent does, and every time we make a non-mainstream choice that fear is compounded. Be gentle with yourself, Jenny; you’re probably doing better than you think. 🙂

    September 26, 2016

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