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True Blood Tuesday

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Welcome, to a shockingly NOT HIGH True Blood Tuesday! Download here, start playing when the HBO logo and sound fade.

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  1. Earthed Angel
    Earthed Angel

    Re: Tara, I think at the point at which she was having a good time, it was just a good party. (And yes, the fact that it was thrown in her honor must make her more tolerant of various party shenanigans.) People were dancing (but not humping each other), drinking (but not sloppy), and eating (but not gorging). Then Maryann started putting her magic out and Tara was caught in the web, whereas at the last party she was outside of it (remember she and Eggs were across the pool from the rest of the revelers, or possibly Maryann deliberately excluded her).
    I have a confession: I’m attracted to Sam Merlotte. But then again I tend to sexualize abusive men. (Here’s the key, 50 Shades fans: you just have to acknowledge that it IS abuse, and realize that it’s not good in real life, and then you can still have your fantasies and/or role-play with a trusted partner.)
    And again with vampire blood making another person sexy-dancing-partying while it leaves Sookie mostly unaffected. And this time our other example had it for healing as well. So the genetics question is still on the table. We already know that vampire glamour doesn’t work on her, so it makes sense that ingesting their blood leaves her less intoxicated than other people.
    Finally, I can’t speak for others, but I’ve never even noticed your breathing or swallowing. Heck I could barely hear Mr. Jen’s voice or your dog’s noises. Even when my phone went wonky and I had to restart your audio while the show was paused, I STILL didn’t hear anything other than some kind of clicking and your voice. So I hope that eases your mind.

    September 27, 2016
  2. Cara

    Leon plays Hank in Breaking Bad.
    Also, as a first-time True Blood viewer, I was really surprised by the end of this episode. I wasn’t expecting Sookie to meet anyone like herself for, like, a long time. I look forward to next week.

    September 28, 2016

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