True Blood Tuesday S03E05: “Trouble”

What is even happening in this show? Something has to happen eventually, right? It’s not just all going to be vampires talking to each other and not doing anything until the very end of the season, is it?

Anyway, here’s the file, start it after the HBO logo/sound fade. If there’s any odd clicking, it’s because I was tethered to my computer for this one.

One thought on “True Blood Tuesday S03E05: “Trouble”

  1. Ugh. This episode is just exposition overload. I can’t remember if it paid off eventually or not. I wanted to like Franklin but damn the plot! Poor Tara! It pisses me off that bad things always happen to her. She is tied with Pam as my favorite character and the one I’m the most like. Why did I watch this show all the way to the end? Oh, I remember now, Alexander Skatsgard!

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