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True Blood Wednesday S04E04 “I’m Alive And On Fire” and S04E05 “Me And The Devil”

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That second episode is about my headset and my internet connection. But at long last, I’m back! I’ve used a different set up, so there will probably be more ambient noise. Just consider that a bonus.

Here’s the file for episode 4. Content warnings for rape, incest, and abuse. This show is getting dark. Also, the sound quality might suck because I was recording with the wrong mic. So there will probably be ambient noise that wouldn’t normally be there.

Here’s the file for episode 5. Content warning for the aftermath of all that other shit.

I so needed a night of absolutely incomprehensible vampire nonsense. Glad we’re back on track!

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  1. Alex

    I hate that I can’t watch anymore. I don’t have access to episodes :c

    May 17, 2017

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