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PATREON ANNOUNCEMENT: Modelland is here!

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After many, many attempts to convince me to recap a particular book, my Patreon patrons have done it. They’ve finally done it. Our current selection is Modelland by Tyra Banks.

The cover of Modelland by Tyra Banks features a single, illustrated eye with lots of yellow feathers sprouting above it like eyeshadow.

Is it a memoir? Contemporary fiction?

Nay. It is a YA Fantasy about a magical world called Metopia, in which a chosen few are selected to venture to a shining land on a mountain to become the most famous models in the world.

If that description is a siren song of terribleness, check out a preview for free here. If you like what you see, join at the $5 per month level for full recaps or the $1 per month level for posts discussing various element of each chapter as you read along from home. This is, however, the first book we’ve ever done in either the Jealous Patrons or Jealous Haters book club that isn’t offered as an ebook. That’s right: it’s a celebrity YA Fantasy novel about a magical modeling school that flopped so hard, it’s out-of-print in digital.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. Ilex

    This got me onto your Patreon! I barely remember the details of Modelland, but I’m one of the few people who seem to have actually enjoyed it, so I’m very eager to see your thoughts. I might even reread it!

    May 13, 2023
  2. Tez Miller
    Tez Miller

    “In America’s Next Top Model (season 17), Banks instructs the four remaining contestants in episode “Tyson Beckford” to perform as characters in the novel, in a short film based on the book, with part 1 of the film broadcast in that episode, part 2 was broadcast in the season finale.”

    May 14, 2023
  3. I’m glad it resonated.

    I know I’ve had more than enough of the indie hamster wheel and have been on a self-imposed indiecation from all the drama and the hucksters. There’s gotta be a balance, right?

    June 6, 2023
  4. Crystal

    I hate the whole “I paid so you owe me” attitude. When I see comments like that I get so angry. No one owes anyone anything. Things in life happen. You have a right to live your life. I grew up the same as you. Getting older I have learned that I don’t need to work all the time. I worked from home on maternity leave for 3 of my children because I thought I needed to. I wanted to make sure my job was still in-tacked when I came back. After I got laid off from that job I saw how important I was to them. I should have been bounding with my kids and not worried about work, but I heard the same thing in my head that you heard “You are being lazy”. I had to overcome that and still struggle with it everyday.

    June 6, 2023
  5. Biev

    Oh, I hope this was the commenter I snapped at. Even if it’s not, please pretend I verbally spanked that little brat until she ran away crying for her mama. Make sure you picture that in your mind every time you remember the comment! With cartoon sound effects and everything.

    June 7, 2023

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