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STATE OF THE TROUT: A new Abigail Barnette book, in wildly different formats!

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Let’s do this the TL;DR way first, and if you have further questions, you can read on.

  • Abigail Barnette is writing Fantasy Romance now
  • It’s a brand new, interconnected series of stories with varying spice and plot scope, all set in a fantasy world called Fablemere.
  • It’s starting out in serial format and the first book will be in paperback and e-book next year
  • You can read the five chapter premiere on Ream, Patreon, or Kindle Vella on October 5
  • New chapters will post every Tuesday and Thursday. (But no faster than that, because this is meticulously timed).
  • You’ll be able to sign up for Ream and the new Patreon tier (both $3 USD per month) on October 1
  • The first book is The Ogre’s Fairytale Bride. The protagonist is a fat, non-binary, over-forty human with epilepsy. BECAUSE I’VE EARNED THIS.
  • The cover looks like this:
Flame winding through vines on a murky green cover. TEXT: Abigail Barnette/The Ogre's Fairytale Bride/Fablemere

I’ve been busy for the past six or so months developing this project: writing, map-making, outlining seven books, watching nonstop fantasy movies from my childhood, and developing a business and release plan that will get this book in front of as many eyeballs as possible. This system will allow me to attract new Abigail Barnette readers, broaden my revenue stream, and serve readers multiple formats to choose from.

So… what the hell is Fablemere?

Fablemere is the fantasy world of our fairy tales, a setting with limitless potential for anything from monster romance to cozy fantasy love stories. Every story will be set in the world of Fablemere, featuring new characters and settings for readers to explore, each informed by today’s most popular fantasy romance tropes.

And, of course, all the scorching sex that Abigail Barnette is known for.

The first book, The Ogre’s Fairytale Bride, introduces us to the world of Fablemere through the eyes of Vanessa, a forty-something non-binary human who accidentally falls through the pages of an enchanted book. When she’s captured by ogres, her epilepsy is mistaken for a supernatural gift—one that the ruthless vampire, Baron Aerrax Scylas, would pay handsomely to exploit.

Vanessa finds a protector in Droguk, a gruff and grumpy ogre who’s just trying to support his widowed sister and two nieces and has no time for a human making outlandish claims about magical books. Although Vanessa and Droguk start out repulsed by each other, a grudging friendship eventually blossoms into an attraction they both struggle to deny. With her supply of crucial medication running out, they undertake a dangerous journey to save her life…and escape the Baron’s relentless pursuit.

If you enjoyed The 10th Kingdom, Labyrinth, Legends & Lattes, Once Upon A Time, or Bound to the Battle God, or you’ve just always wished that Inkheart and The Never-Ending Story were geared towards adults with filthy minds, you’re going to love the stories I have planned for Fablemere.*

*I wanted to add, “If you’ve ever jerked off to Fern Gully” to that list, but I thought better of it. Until I typed that just now.

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  1. bewalsh7

    I am so looking forward to The Ogre’s Fairytale Bride! Being over 40 and fat, I can’t usually relate as much to most main characters. I do prefer physical books, but I’ll have to see if I can wait until next year to read it.

    September 26, 2023
  2. Tina

    Just take my money LOL Sounds like soooo much fun!

    September 26, 2023
  3. Mina

    Oh HELL YEAH!!! This sounds amazing and I am very much ready for it!

    September 27, 2023
  4. Blanche

    I’ve been meaning to join the patreon for some time now, looks like Oct 1 will be the day! So stoked for this concept and your fantasy world!!

    September 27, 2023
  5. Jay

    I simultaneously did not imagine this possibility and have been waiting for it all my life. Thank you thank you.

    September 28, 2023

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