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Roadhouse Episode 5, and busy-ness update

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This week, D-Rock and I did the best show we’ve ever done. And then… I accidentally erased it. So this is the show we did right after that (and a bottle of wine).

The day of the conference has ARRIVED, y’all! I’m so excited for it to be over to resume my normal life. I’m actually looking forward to getting back to Ana and Christian and all the mean things I want to say about them. But let’s take a look at my to-do list and see how much I’ve gotten done:

  1. I’ll be volunteering at my daughter’s preschool on two days. By the third day volunteering, I had the routine down and it was pretty painless. Or, I had Stockholm syndrome, but either way.
  2. One of those is her birthday. This necessitates cupcakes at school and a cake at home. Instead of cupcakes (I hate frosting things), daughter decided on Unicorn Poop Cookies, and while the birthday cake I made her wasn’t my best work, it was edible and it’s over now.
  3. I’ll need to take her to get her school picture retaken, as well. Happening as I type this.
  4. Still on the conference committee.
  5. Still the president.
  6. Still need to give a speech.
  7. Need to go over my presentation, write where necessary.
  8. Bring snack to my son’s scout meeting.Maybe not an Angry Birds snack next time, as it resulted in flinging food, but hey. It worked.
All I have to do now is get my presentation finished and my speech completely written, but I’ll do that in the hotel room tonight. Because I’m a professional.
The shittier part of this story is that my stressful week is exhibiting physical manifestations. I have a sty on my eye, the worst acne I’ve had since high school, and a canker sore swelling up my lip like I got punched. I fully expect to wake tomorrow with a hump on my back and an old school wooden leg. But it’s a writing conference, not a beauty pageant, and it’s nearly over. This entire ordeal is nearly over.
Then, I’ll spend Sunday in bed. All of Sunday. I hope I get a bed sore.
See you on Monday, when I will post a new recap and a photo of my bedsore.

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